Sunday, January 21, 2007

Dine Me....Wine Me

I was treated to dinner on Saturday night by a generous friend. We went to the Napa Rose at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel. This hotel is amazing. From the minute you drive up to the front entrance, you feel like you've been transported to a mountain lodge in Northern California. "Grand" is an understatement here. After
cruising the men in strolling through the front lobby, we headed to the restaurant. The restaurant's circular bar dominates the view upon entering. I highly recommend checking this bar out for their "classic" drinks, which were all priced around $7 bucks...not bad considering the amount of drink/location (doesn't Disneyland charge like $10 for french fries?).

Dinner was incredible. After scarfing down the melange of bread (for real: the parmesan flat bread was so good I wanted to slap someone), the soups showed up (mmm...butternut squash) & then dinner arrived hot & steaming. I had the sea bass & friend had pork chops. Two thumbs up from our table.

The original plan was to eat dinner here, and then go see Dreamgirls at Downtown Disney's theaters....but we got caught up in all the food & the conversation was good & flowed just as smoothly as the wine did. After realizing we'd ran late, we decided to check out the hotel's bar.

As we sat by the fireplace in comfy leather chairs, we noticed that we weren't the only homos in the bar....there was one twink at the bar (about 10 feet from us) who was wiggling his booty at me...for real ya'll...friend dared me to go for it, but guys who have bodies similar to mine at age 11, really don't do much for me...there was even an Asian drag queen/trannie creature who was sharing a table with a lesbo & a about diversity!...

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