Monday, January 15, 2007

Duck, Duck, Goose

Over the weekend, I was finally able to watch Lifetime TV's latest reality show: Gay, Straight or Taken. The premise of the show (per Lifetime) is:

One woman meets three men for a series of dates and then must decide who is gay,
who is straight and who is taken. She has to select the one straight, single man in the trio in order to win a luxurious dream getaway for her and this available bachelor. If she makes the wrong call, the man she incorrectly chooses gets her prize instead.

The guys in this episode were: Christopher (Taken), Luciano (Gay), & Mike (Straight). I'm pretty sure that the producers had Christopher "gay it up" to try to fool the chick: Jenner (I shit you not, that's her name). When Jenner meets the guys for the 1st time, Christopher does this little finger wave and in a Queeny voice coos: "helloooooo"... and then when it's time for the group to hang out at the pool, he takes off his shorts to reveal a pair of trunks that are straight (har!) out of the UnderGear catalog. For real: his body is frickin smokin...yes, he's a wreck up from the neck up, but child, those legs, upper bod, arms, did I mention the thighs that could crack walnuts?, oh, and the plump package!....I was all hot-and-bothered watching him on screen!

My friend plays basketball in a league with Luciano, and I've met him/seen him at work (at the Abbey in WeHo). He's such a nice guy & damn sexy ya'll. I heard through the gay grapevine, that the guy they portrayed as his BF was a friend that was paid to play his BF, as Luciano is very single.

As for Mike, it was pretty clear that he was straight (and oh-so-my-type, 'mkay?) but the question was whether he'd do gay-for-pay porn he was taken or single.

Well, Jenner got them all wrong & didn't win shit...poor for my overall opinion?...I dunno, I don't think the show's going to last very long. Other than serving up some very nice eye candy, there wasn't much substance to keep my attention.

In the words of Blaine Edwards & Antoine Merryweather: "Hated it!"

Below pic (left to right): Luciano, Mike, & Christopher


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Big Daddy said...

Hee hee. My friend, Sara and I, used to play 'Penis, Penis, C*nt', at a local bar that was equal parts lesbian and gay.