Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Eat Crow

What's with all them crows flocking near Whittier Narrows lately? It's been happening for the last week or two, usually around dusk. It is truly a sight to see....they perch on the the tall, leafless trees, and then as if they are of one mind, they take flight and form a virtual cyclone of crows. Flying high above the grassland below, they taunt the pigeons that usually reside in the area. Then after the aerial dance, they descend upon the nearby telephone lines and rest on these wires for a few blocks. Many people think the crow is an omen of bad luck or even death. I disagree with that. I find them beautiful, especially en masse, darkening the setting sun.

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Big Daddy said...

Oh, so they migrated southwest for the winter. They were all ominous, hanging out, waiting for their next swarm, here back in November.

Now, we're just overrun with gulls.

Not seagulls, but some other Colorado version.