Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Looking Forward

Well, 2006 was a pretty good year for this fool. I moved into a bigger house (in a better 'hood), got a better paying job, and traveled quite a bit (NYC, Chicago, Vegas, and Catalina Island). This past weekend, I began deconstructing Christmas (decor) at home. The tree is still up & won't come down until the ornaments remove themselves, with the help of the ever-dry boughs that droop a little lower each day. I live for the Holiday season & it just bums me out when it's all over. Tossing the tree is best done with me saturated in a cloud of red wine. Last year, the tree stayed green & in house up until Valentines Day.

The only SERIOUS resolution I've made for 2007 is to finally get this body into f*ckable shape. I am so tired of wearing my pants with the button undone, hidden behind my belt. That means no more fast food (ugh!) & actually spending time inside of the gym...

Oh yeah, one more resolution: to get laid more often.

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jake said...

Hey there Chris... Stoppin' in to check on you... Great posts so far, lookin' forward to watching your blog grow!!!