Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Martini Madness

You should never let your friends talk you into going out on a school night. Last night found me drinking one too many raspberry martinis at a local gayborhood bar, when I should've been home in bed with the bartender saying my prayers. Today, my head feels like a bass drum is slowly, dully, pounding away a steady beat. Why must I be a slave to this rhythm?

Since I'm a giver, I'll share one of my favorite martini recipes with ya'll. I call it a Fruitini Martini:
1 part Sour Apple Pucker
1 part Watermelon Pucker
1 part Peach Vodka

Pour all the booze into a shaker with ice, shake that ass, and strain into a martini glass...Enjoy!

1 comment:

::adriel said...

Sounds delicious. I'll take 4.