Monday, January 8, 2007

Weekend Recap

Friday - - I headed over to the Wine Crush with a friend, for their weekly wine tasting event. If you're ever in the LBC and want to get your wine on, I highly recommend giving these folks a try. They have a great selection of wine, & are extremely knowledgeable. My only qualm with the wine tasting is the hefty $15 fee for the tasting. Yes, you get to try 6 glasses of whatever wine they're trying to clear stock of, er, promote that week, but I still think this is a bit high. The place was packed and there was an unusual amount of single ladies there, all clucking & cackling away (I mean that in the most non-misogynistic way). We were on glass #2 when we noticed a table at the far end of the room that had veggies, dip, salsa, and 2 slices of quiche....we obviously showed up about an hour too late, as the dips were starting to develop a skin and the veggies were looking a little limp. But the 2 of us are such manbeasts, that we decided to go for it ...and that's when this Kylie Minogue wanna-be steps up to me, as I'm dining on the scraps, and asks if I'm enjoying myself. I thought to myself, oh honey, you are so barking up the wrong tree. So I politely respond that I am, thanks, blah, blah, go away....then she asks us how do we know Sherry?...I say, "who?".....then she transforms into an actress and does her best Tina Fey impersonation by saying: "Oooh....uh, ....ummm....awkward"...we quickly realize that this pitiful assemblance of food was for a private party, for one of the chicken-heads in the crowd...My friend starts to apologize profusely. I become offended. How dare she confront us for actually doing her a favor, by clearing away the decomposing slop. I ask her if she wants, I can put my food back. I tell her that I've only taken one bite out of the quiche, and if she were to slice the side of it just so, no one could tell that I've molested it. She doesn't find me amusing. She glares at me & says that it's fine, she was just curious. What. Ever.

After loading up on 6 glasses of Pinot, (on virtually empty stomachs), we stumbled down the street to my favorite Italian restaurant on the west coast, La Parolaccia Osteria The food here is so good & the atmosphere is casual & welcoming...all the things an Italian restaurant should be. I highly recommend EVERYTHING on their menu. For Real: The veal is a personal favorite and it just melts in your mouth. I was pretty wasted from work, wine, that pasty bitch, (again, I mean that in the most loving and non-misogynistic way) and dinner, so I decided to end the evening a little earlier than usual and sleep it all away.

Saturday - - Left the mind-numbing, bleak oppression beauty of Long Beach behind and ventured out to WeHo. Dinner with a friend at Marix. I think I've found my new favorite Margarita here. Unbelievably good! After dinner (I had the Shrimp Diablo -- yum!), we stopped at The Abbey, to have the privilege of being ripped off, by paying $12 for a Raspberry Martini, (that was so damn tasty, that it made me forget about the price). The Abbey is my hands down (and sometimes pants down, but let's not talk about restroom behavior) favorite place in WeHo to watch the Beautiful Ones, while sipping on a martini. Had a blast there. Chatted up a few hotties and laughed my ass off. (Thanks for the chuckles Yarko...a Norwegian, student). Stopped by "Trunks" for the 1st and last time in my life. This place answers that nagging question of: "where do the gay-and-over-70 set hang out in WeHo?" ...Lastly, stopped in at the East/West Lounge for a night cap. The place looks great and has a nice NYC vibe. We spotted porn star Matthew Rush here. He is Huge! Muscles on top of muscles.

Sunday -- Ran errands, hit the gym, answered emails, blah, blah. Then I spent a good chunk of the day taking down the Christmas tree and remaining holiday trim. This is my least favorite thing to do post-Xmas. Not because of the chore of it, but because I miss all of the Xmas bling. Pretty good 1st weekend of 2007. May there be many many more.

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