Friday, February 9, 2007

The Amazing Race - All Stars

Sunday, Feb 18th, the Race is On!

I'm so excited to see that one of my favorite reality TV shows is returning -- All Star Style. I'm also glad to see that my favorite team Uchenna / Joyce (winners from season #7) are back. I've seen all 10 seasons & they are by far my all time favorites. During the 7th race, they BOTH shaved their heads for good luck, as part of the "Fast Forward" challenge they partook (grammar?) in. A decision that moved them to the front of the pack. I fell in love with Joyce, as she bravely sat there, fighting back the tears (as I did too) while her head full of hair was shaved away. I want them to win it again!

On a different (sour) note: I loathe team "Boston" Rob and his Ho.....they're only back because they're controversial and CBS knows what they're doing, ratings wise by including them....although I have to admit: Rob does have a certain, how do you say....."he makes me so damn Horny", en francaise?.....well, as long as he doesn't open his mouth to "speak".

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dbv said...

they're really nice in person too... i met joyce and uchenna at a charity event here... sweet as pie!!! i'll be rooting for them too... i would love to try out for that show, but my heart condition wouldn't permit it!! i think i'd be a whiz, but i wouldn't need those big backpacks, a simple COACH small tote would do !!! lol...