Saturday, February 24, 2007

I Don't Know Much About Clothes, But My Hair Looks Fierce!

Well, not as fierce as Amanda Lepore's, but I'm happy with the new 'do. I got my hair cut on Saturday, by a new stylist (gasp...a straight woman). I've been with my current stylist (surprise...a Homo!) for about a year now, but I think it's time to move on.

For the last couple of weeks, I've been looking for a replacement, since the current guy that does me my hair, has been screwing up lately. For example, I would request to have the nape of my neck "squared off". I would end up with the left side square cut, while the right side would be contoured/curved....I hate looking like an asshole! There were also a few times when I specifically asked "could you not cut it too short", and yet, I ended up walking out of there showing a little too much scalp. There's also the issue of me walking into the shop, smelling of vomit (for real), and the Hairdresser On Fire admitting to "dude, I totally just hurled about 5 minutes ago". Looking back, I also think that there were a few times when he was high/drunk, while I took my chances in his chair....I'm not a prude, he just seems to be progressively falling apart. I think it's time to move on, after all, I don't want to end up looking like I narrowly escaped getting scalped.

The replacement did a great job. She listened and did everything I asked (well, almost hand job under the cape). Now the ugly/weird part starts. I bump into him sometimes at certain (gay) bars in my 'hood. So, to prevent having to tell him in a holy place (a gay bar), I'll call him this week, to let him know that I won't be needing his services anymore.

I just hope he doesn't cry & get all hysterical on my ass....that can be so embarrassing!.....I will miss those under the cape hand jobs though!


Big Daddy said...

Stylists are, by nature, a partying bunch. At one 'hip' salon I went to, I would never make an appointment on a Saturday because most of the staff was always hungover. I'd know, because I'd be partying with them the night before.

Michael Guy said...

You don't owe that guy an ounce of an apology for switching stylists. Unless you've been getting more than a shag, Christopher.

On the other hand, I adapted a British accent and claimed I'd been transferred to our UK office when I bumped into my former stylist while sporting a new do. Use your best judgement.

I've not known a good stylist yet that wasn't in recovery or near a 12-step program for coke or sexual addiction. But I always looked fabulous, sweetie darling!

Crazy Eddie said...

Hmmm. I'm glad that I don't go to a stylist. I actually go to this barber (sorta like the movie Barbershop), only their all Puerto Rican and want to be rappers. They talk so much shizz about how they do the better "shape-up" compared to the next and most of the time I end up cursing under my breath as I walk out the door...

As for your stylist, I'm sure you won't be missing the sweet smell of vomit, let alone your fabulous uneven haircuts.

Here's to new horizons, and a stylist that probably doesn't want to screw you from behind... lol.


Christopher said...

Eddie -- you're so butch!....meow!

Michael Guy -- You are too right. I mean, why should I feel the need to call him, only to tell him, that I won't be calling him anymore for haircuts?....that's just stupid. I'll figure out what to do or say when I run into him...maybe I'll try to mess with his tweaked out mind, look astonished, and tell him that he cut my hair just last week.

Thanks for the advice Blogdaddy!

dbv said...

he can still give you those at the holy place... right?

Steven said...

I've changed stylists before.

Unfortunately, they work right beside each other... uncomfortable!

LittleBigChris said...

I've been in the same boat. Love my colorist and how meticulous he is, but as stylist he's not that good. So I go to someone else for the cut... but when it's time to go back for a color touch-up he always sees that my hair is shorter than he left it last.

Just lie. If you see him say that you went out of town and saw a local barber for a trim or something.

Lewis said...

We want pics....lots of 'em.....of the under the cape stuff....oh, and the hair cut too!