Thursday, February 8, 2007

Fella that was in the Mood

I made a conscious decision, before I started this blog, not to talk about the workplace or what goes on here.....but I now realize that there will be some exceptions along the way...

Now I don't know how, but I'm guessing that some kind of Itunes Magic was involved here....I can't explain how Vogue by Madonna founds its way into my Itunes Library here at work, but let's not's there. Whatever. That song is a guilty pleasure & very few people know that I can do most of the dance routine from the Blonde Ambition Tour. So anyhoo, the song made its way into the party shuffle group this morning , and then it got stuck in my head. All Day. As I passed by strangers in the walkways, I would hear in my head: "What are you looking at?" know, in her voice.

About 30 minutes ago, I went to the restroom. With that damn song in my head. With my body really wanting to strike a pose...I usually use the restroom that's closest to me, which hardly ever gets used, (there are very few men on this floor). There's a long empty corridor (waste of floor space) between the first door and the 2nd door, which opens to the actual restroom. I like to think of this empty corridor as my personal catwalk. So, after I went potty, I decided to get it out of my system and work the runway.....heeeyyyy!

So there I am....mouthing the words and striking several butch poses, when the outer door opens, while I'm in mid pose. (As I'm typing this I realize that I'm getting gayer each day)....I quickly adjust to make it look like I was trying to scratch my back. By the look of shock/fear/disgust/confusion on the guy's face (someone that I work with on a semi-regular basis) I don't think he bought it.....well, at least it's out of my system....I better get back to flipping burgers.

BTW, I blame this new shame all on the non-Diet Coke that I drank earlier (vending machine was out of diet) that got me all sugar happy, as well as watching too many of the runway shows (NYC's fashion week) this morning. Oh, and also that I'm a big Ol 'Homo...Strike a pose, Bitches.


dbv said...

i just read your header!!! that's hysterical!!!!!

Steven said...

At my work, there's this long hallway that I strut down all the time.

Striking a pose? Not so much.

Michael Guy said...

I got busted with my digital camera in the men's room. Explain your way out of that one.