Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Kylie Minogue was dumped by Olivier Martinez (he gives me Fever), during a phone call last Friday (...how tacky!...). Kylie and Olivier issued a joint statement last Friday saying that they have officially confirmed that they are no longer a couple. They have made it clear that the decision to go their separate ways was mutual and amicable. Then, just hours after ending his 4-year relationship with Kylie, the French actor was spotted canoodling with (actress ?) Penelope Cruz...Over the weekend, bird-face Cruz was all smiles, as she met with Martinez in the luxurious Chateau Marmont hotel in Los Angeles....Ironically, this is where he first met Kylie...Can you imagine what the Minogue/Martinez children would've looked like?!......so sad!

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Red7Eric said...

Last night (yeah -- VALENTINE'S Day), I met a guy whose boyfriend had just (just!) broken up with him ... via Blackberry.

Men suck.