Thursday, March 29, 2007

8 Inches

Much of my daily life is (sadly) spent on L.A. freeways, as I desperately try to cruise my fellow commuters sitting in traffic make my way to and from work....I've noticed a recent trend with people tricking out their cars/trucks. That fake baseball/rock stuck in your "fractured" window is sooooo OVAH.

This year it's all about blinging your vehicle out with a set of large "balls" that dangle from your vehicle's trailer hitch. Bumper Nuts weigh one pound, hang 8 inches, and they come in the following colors: blue, black, camo, red, yellow, Flesh, white, brass, aluminum, chrome, and there's even a Patriotic (red-white-blue) version, that I've secretly got my eye on.

This week, I've seen two trucks and a sedan sporting the swinging ball sacks (2 silver & one black), but I didn't have my camera with me at either of the times. I was able to find a pic from the Interwebs......See pic below:


Steve said...

Fabulous! The thing that makes me howl are those hub caps - not rims - that spin. Even funnier is when they're on like, say an Escort, and one or more of them don't spin at all.

Crazy Eddie said...

Bumper Nuts... LOL. Living in NYC I have access to transportation at the drop of a dime, so I ditched my car when I moved back down here. I'm getting ready to buy a new one though, and when I do, I will purchase my very own Bumper Nuts in honor of you.

Only they will be light brown. I'm Puerto Rican dammit!!


Kenyo said...

Before I even saw Steve's comment I was thinking Bumper Nuts are the Sprewells of 2007. And IMHO Sprewells are so 2004.

Funny sight the other day down here in the deep south -- a huge pickup with confederate flag decals and, yes, Sprewells. Didn't notice if there were gun racks or not. BTW for what it's worth the driver was young, male and white.

WAT said...

That makes me so horny now.

Tea time anyone?

J. David Zacko-Smith said...


Absolutely and without a doubt, totally and completely HIDEOUS!

How low can a person's taste go? Baby, this sets a new standard.

Eric said...

Mother of god. I sometimes lose all faith in humanity.

Red7Eric said...

So basically these people are just admitting that the entire vehicle is just a big replacement penis. Subtlety was so 20th century.