Monday, March 26, 2007

Chant Boy Chant!

This past weekend was pretty mellow/low key for me.....which I love. I was pretty much a homebody all weekend, with a few exceptions. Here's some of the highlights of what went down in my world over the weekend:

On Saturday, my folks came by & treated me to dinner. My parents had me laughing so hard that my tummy was sore for awhile after they left. They're comedians, but they don't know it.....oblivious to their own joke....and they fart.....a lot....and then they yell at each other in Spanglish when the other one better believe that my house was all aglow in Glade scented candles, as soon as they hit pavement.

Sunday afternoon, as I was scrubbing my Jacuzzi Whirlpool 8-jet bathtub, appointed with 24kt fittings leaky bathtub, I heard a strange sound coming in through my bathroom window. It was a sound I've heard before, coming from my neighbor's apartment. Someone was playing what sounded like a didgeridoo. One, long, single low note was being played constantly. Then a bell began to, someone started to chant....and then there were others chanting. I couldn't recognize the language, but there was something very hypnotic & musical about it. I estimated that there were at least 10 people (maybe more)....I shit you not, they chanted for at least 25 minutes, non-stop. I know this to be true because that's about as long as I listened...standing in my bathroom, wearing nothing more than a well worn loincloth pair of ratty old PJs.

It got kinda funky sounding at one point (for real), and the chanting sounded a bit like that song "Tootsie Roll", from the early there I was, 'chanting ' along with them: "Cotton Candy, Sweet and Low, let me see your Tootsie Roll"...

I called a friend and asked him to listen to the chant, to see if he could recognize the language, but it wasn't loud enough for him to hear through the phone....then he sorta freaked me out by saying that they could be was at that point that I shut my bathroom window and decided to mind my own damn business.


Lewis said...

Ok, so I'm down for the ratty PJ loincloth.....chanting or not. Your parents sound like some of the funniest people on this earth -- those that don't know it. I heard chanting for the first time when I visited Indonesia in 1983. Twice a day, middle of the night and afternoon. The entire nation, it seemed. Very unnerving when it wasn't expected.

SYNRGY said...

giggle @ tootsie roll chant

Michael Guy said...

You probably have Buddhist neighbors.

Many years ago a honey-frosted, helmut-hair type neighbor in my condo building appeared before the board and adamantly stressed her concerns about living across the hall from a 'practicing witch.'

The woman was a Buddhist chanting daily. We're a neighborly bunch in my building. Yep.

J. David Zacko-Smith said...

Sweetie, you are DOOMED.

That WAS the Evil Chant of Satan's Minions (or ECSM for short), and you will be carried straight to hell in your sleep!


Eric said...

Ok, you're really onto something with this idea. Perhaps the Gregorian Chant craze of the 90s can return with, "Gregorian Monks Sing the Hip-Hop Repertoire!"

Steven said...

What about Friday night? Did you forgot about the long-distance phone call?

Christopher said...

Lewis: that's a perfect description of how I felt: "unnerved"

Synrgy: something tells me that you're no stranger to getting your "tootsie roll on".

M. Guy: "a honey-frosted, helmut-hair type neighbor"...I never want to become your enemy, for fear of the descriptive caricature I'd get from you.

Mr. Zacko-Smith: Hold Me!

Eric: hasn't this been done already? let me check my CD collection...and I would've been down with the Gregorian monks as my neighbors, for sure!

Steven: those 35 minutes of sheer Bliss will be with me forever!

Crazy Eddie said...

Your friends sound like they would get along with my friends. And I KNOW that I would get along with you.

ThisBoyHere is my man, and he doesn't like the way I flirt with my blogger buddies, but I flirt with the ladies too!!

It's all in fun.