Friday, May 25, 2007


If my calculations are correct, I've slept with just over 100 men this is my 100th post.

I started this blog during a time in my life where my creative juices were flowing (Christmas/New Years), but I was frustrated at not having a venue to release my man juice this energy. By this time, I had been reading a few blogs on a regular basis, for about a year. So, the solution was simple: Blog Boy, Blog!....cue the music: What You Waiting For?

When I started this blog, my goal was to post something everyday....even if it was a crotch shot of some random guy from my gym. But, daily posting just didn't happen and won't happen (my weekends are usually crazy busy, yo). There are days when I have absolutely nothing to post about, and that shit drives me crazy. There are also times, when I'm far away from a computer and something interesting happens, and I think: this is posting gold..I have to remember to write about this later. Blogging (for me at least) can be quite addictive....don't even get me started on counting comments/readers!

There have been a couple of bloggers who've influenced/inspired me to blog my life away. The top 2 would have to be:

  • Michael Guy --My true BlogDaddy...he's made me laugh (out loud) & cry (silent tears). It's scary at times, how similarly we think. Also, he is one sexy/sassy MoFo, with an eye for all that is beautiful...I hope to someday share a Cosmo (or 3) with about a laugh-apalooza!

  • Bradford Shellhammer -- Such a colorful, fashionable, sexy man with a real zest for life. I vicariously lived his New York life, and got hip to what's hot through his writing. His style of blogging has changed from a "traditional" blogging style to more of a personal diary (influenced by Andy Warhol). If you live under a rock and haven't heard of B. Shellhammer, go check him out!
The real surprise/bonus of blogging is all of the friends I've made. There are a few bloggers that I actually email/talk to on a regualr basis...who knew?

I think I'll celebrate this milestone by going out & spending $100 on myself...wheeeee!....scratch checking account balance tells me that ain't gonna happen....seriously: many, many thanks to all of my loyal readers....please don't leave me...and would it kill y'all to be a true pimp & spread the word about this here blog?....sheesh!

Oh, and if you're a lurker, please say hello...I really am a comment whore, and it would mean so much to me!


Big Daddy said...

You change the template again?

100 men?

And I though my 50+ was on the verge of being a whore.


Je t'aime!

J. David Zacko-Smith said...

Congrats! I think I'm approcahing my 900th post! Crazy! Hey - I think I liked your old template better, in case you care for my opinion, sexy thang. Again, congrats - I like your blog and your stories are just too much fun - you WHORE.

Lewis said...

Am I part of the 100 men? Is it charity work or do I have to pay? I love your blog, and comment regularly, as you know. And when you and Michael Guy have a drink, I may have to join you....I'd love to discuss my (our) new found addiction to blogging and counting comments like any whore would/should. CONGRATULATIONS!

The Other Andrew said...

You were a fairly recent discovery for me Christopher, but I love swinging by daily for my regular dose. Such fun! Happy 100th! I just celebrated my 3rd anniversay, I started on the same day as Michael Guy, and I'm somewhere around my 1200th post. So gabby!

Keep up the good work, I'm loving reading your blog, sugar!

Steve said...

Congratulations on post #100! I really enjoy visiting here and hope for 100, or more, more. Wait. Does that sound right? Anyway, I'm a comment whore, too, so here ya go.

Rey a.k.a. "Mr. Secret" said...

Can I be 101?

Congrats on that your 100th in both categories... That's a pretty, ummm... hefty milestone.

Red7Eric said...

Love the new dress.

Oh, and here's a shoutout from crazy Rehoboth Beach. Here 'til Monday! Wheeeeee ....

(Spend that $100. Mama needs new shoes, and Visa will pay.)

Michael Guy said...

Thank you for the kind words and sweet compliments. But shouldn't I be getting a hand job?


I'm glad I inspired you to begin a blog. Each of us has a story to tell. It's through the telling that we find commonalities that attract like-minded folks; friendships soon follow. I, too, have been very blessed in making several cyber-friends via my blogging. I count you among them, Christopher.

"Congratulations!" on the 100th post.

Kev said...

And even at the other end of the world someone is loving every word...

Keep up the good work!

your European boyfriend

Steven said...

Your first 100 are always the most special.

dbv said...

count me in for the laughfest, when do we leave for chicago???

WAT said...

Congratulation on the 100th episode of Clever Fool and all those subliminal crossed out words in yer posts!

Crazy Eddie said...

I've been around for a while now, so I'm a loyal reader. If you ever question my loyalty I'll hunt you down and abuse you sexually. In a nice way of course.

I remember when your template was a grayish background, then blue, and now black (which is by far the best).

I love your writing and your written promiscuity keeps me laughing on the regular. That's why I keep coming back bro.

Sorry for the hiatus. Keep blogging pa... you keep me smiling.


bradford Shellhammer said...


Congrats and thanks for the very kind words.

jay said...

Sorry I'm late on the ball but Happy !00th Post! It's been a hectic few days with the parents.

I too sometimes find interesting things to blog about and I actually write the entry in my head but then by the time I get home it's all jumbled.

It's time for a thought to blog translator yo!

PS. Spending $100 on yourself is a great idea. I think you've created a new trend.