Friday, May 4, 2007

Disconnected Connections

I just got off of a 30 minute phone call from Mama....well, it was more like 30 minutes of me listening to her, and saying "uh-huh", every minute or so (whenever she paused to take a breath).....the topic for today's call (I mean this "afternoon's", as I'm sure there'll be a follow-up call later today) was about the nasty battle that my Uncle is going through with 1). his ex-girlfriend and 2). his children.....they're all fighting over his house in Texas that he's selling.

Here's the situation: He currently lives in Colorado. The Texas house is the one he bought, shortly after his wife died & then quickly moved into with his now ex-girlfriend.....The ex his claiming that she is entitled to 1/2 of the property's value, since she was his common law wife for the last 10+ years.....his 2 daughters are laying a claim to the house, because they're crazy / greedy bitches. My Uncle's son is fighting off all of dem bitches....and saying that the house belongs to my Uncle......Period.

I really could not care less what happens, yet I had to listen to Mama recreate the entire phone conversation she had with my Uncle, including all of the voices of all of the characters in this sad, sad drama...I did get a chuckle when Mama imitated my Uncle's voice....(he sounds very much like John Wayne....and looks like Caesar Romero), I literally laughed out loud as my Mom said (in Uncle's voice): "that low life, bleach blonde, Wetback isn't getting one red cent from me!" had to hear it to hear the funny!

It's a shame how so many of my relatives no longer speak to one another, due to some petty argument...Back in the Golden Days of my youth, when the terms "401k Plan" & "Life Insurance" were as foreign to me as the term "Bukakke" was, my parents were notorious for throwing festive dinner parties or BBQs, which most of my 7 Uncles, 6 Aunts, their spouses & many cousins attended (all on my Mother's side)...
  • Side Note #1: My maternal Grandmother had a total of 17 children....a set of twins died at birth & one son was killed in a car accident when he was very young.
  • Side Note #2: I have never met any of my Dad's family, as they disowned him when he & Mama eloped in Vegas.
  • Side Note #3: both of my parents grew up on farms, hence, the need for free labor.
The real shame is that the only time I see my crazy relatives are at a funeral....and it's at the funeral, through heartfelt tears & hugs, that we all promise 'to get together real soon' and 'not to be strangers any longer'. It's at the cemetery where hatchets are buried & amends are made, but good intentions are just that...intentions.

I'm thinking that it's time for the next generation to step up & recreate some of those fun, happy times....I think I'll call up my brothers tonight & invite them over for dinner this's a start, right?


Lewis said...

I say "call them up and have a party." Oh, and let us know how that goes for you too. Sounds like a good first episode for a new reality show.

D-Man said...

Oh god, when there's money/property involved everyone's family turns into a bad Jerry Springer episode. Ditch the drama and create your own good times. And no one can take the former good times away.

Are your brothers cute like you? Invite me too!

Uh, what does this "bukakke" mean? Ok, just looked it up 'cause I didn't want to look stupid (too late). Reminds me of a 'salty biscuit'of frat lore, kinda.

jay said...

It's weird but my family has always been quite close knit. Even now my dad and his siblings all communicate freely and easily and I plan on doing the same with my siblings and cousins.

I think you should make a start because regretting now spending enough time with loved ones is something I don't think anyone wants to experience.

J. David Zacko-Smith said...

You gotta start somewhere, and I commend you for stepping up - families are the CRAZIEST things, ever!

My grandfather had 16 brothers and sisters, and by the time they were older most of them were not speaking to one another (and never did again) - the Lebanese can REALLY hold a grudge. ;-)

WAT said...

My family is a disaster. Like yours, they only seem to get together for a funeral. And yes, they're like vultures when it comes to property and other assets.

Alas, I've come to depend more on my friends than my blood. It's sad that it has to be this way, but it is what it is.

You invite your brothers to din din. Not a bad idea.

Imma go and try to get bukkaked now. Sounds hot.

Steve said...

Oh god! I hope my siblings don't turn into vultures when our parent's time is up. I don't think it'll get petty, but ya never know. Anyway, I kinda consider myself fortunate because I was never really close with ANY of our relatives. Everyone was spread out all over the country, and honestly, it really doesn't bother me. My immediate family is very close, however. Sure, like J. David said, you gotta start somewhere. Now, 'bukakke' means...

Big Daddy/Buzzsaw Pete said...

Bukkake ruined my carpet.


Just kidding.

That's the name of a band.