Monday, May 14, 2007

(Divine) Design Inspiration

This past weekend I spent much time cruising porn design websites. I've got shaved balls bare walls that need some coverage, y'all...Once you step through my home's front door, I'll hand you a Martini, and then you'll notice that the open floor plan allows you to see from the living room straight thru to the dining & kitchen areas, just beyond. You'll also notice that I don't have a damn thing on any of these walls.

I moved into my rental house back in October 2006, and the only thing I've purchased for the walls, so far, is an oversized wall mirror, that's been leaning up against the space I intend to hang it upon since November 2006.

I live in a California Bungalow style of house, which has a nice shade of khaki (beige? desert sand? mocha?) painted on all of the walls (except the kitchen which has a nice cinnamon-colored accent wall & the bathroom, of course is all white....boring)....the windows are all framed out with large molding that's painted white, so putting up something on the walls should be a piece of cake, right?.....yeah, right!

Truth be told, I'm terrified of making a 'mistake'. I've got plenty of ideas in my head, but vague ideas & expensive taste are to blame for me not finishing the walls (har!)...Seriously, I am making progress in choosing shit to put up...For example, I think I've finally found what's going to go above my dark grey/black's the cloud painting above, that measures 58" x 43"....and costs $350.00 (ouch!)....I think it'll work great with the sofa & the rest of my Ikea furniture.

Here are some additional areas that need coverage & what I'm thinking I'll do:
  • Above my TV / Entertainment console - 3 pictures: black frames with white matting, or maybe some artsy-fartsy metal sculpture.
  • Living Room wall (small area) - a large wall clock, or maybe a sunburst mirror.
  • Dining Room wall - Two very large, framed vintage prints of the World's Fair (Chicago & NYC)
  • Kitchen wall - Nine mounted Fornasetti plates (but at $120.00 a plate....this ain't gonna happen)...back to the drawing board.

Ok, now all I have to do is start that 'beans & rice diet', so I can afford all of this crap...I'd be bloated & farting all the time, but hey, that ain't nothing new!

I really need a muse to whisper in my ear, or better yet, a kick ass interior designer who'll help a homo out, pro bono.....Candice Olson...can ya hear me calling?


Natalie said...

Ok, here's some advice from a wanna be Interior Designer
#1. no artsy-fartsy metal sculpture.
#2. And definitely no sunburst mirror.

The picture of clouds would look very nice above your sofa.
Ya know, as I was reading the beginning of this post,it looked as though the clouds were moving up. . Um, in case you were wondering, no, I wasn't on anything.
I actually felt as though the clouds were rising.
Very cool.

Big Daddy/Buzzsaw Pete said...

I am one year shy of getting my degree in Interior Design if you want to bounce any ideas off of me.

Or better yet, shoot me some pics.

To give you an idea of what my style is, let's just say my living room is based off the Burberry's palette.

Michael Guy said...

Oh, hon, just dive in and create 'your style.' I understand, though. My own perfectionism keeps me from the doing for fear it won't be 'just right.'

Guess what? Who cares?! Make yourself happy by surrounding yourself with the things/pieces/colors that soar your spirits.

BTW: LURVE the Fornasetti plate idea.

Lewis said...

Michael already said's your place, make it whatever you like. If you want bare walls (or shaved too, by the way), so what. there are no hard and fast rules.

jay said...

Yup. Just get to it. Although, I'd recommend not doing the rice and beans thing. You do want to get some right?

Red7Eric said...

If you want stuff for your walls and have a *little* money to spend, find some local galleries and go buy what you like.

Personally, I'm not a big believer in buying art to match your furniture. If you hang something that you love and it doesn't quite "go" with your color palette, it really doesn't matter -- if you love it.

I started at Marshall's -- perfectly innocuous (yet rather large) things to hang on the wall and take up space for $20-$40 a pop. Now that the walls are pretty full, I go to art shows and only pay $200-$800 for a piece if I truly love it, at which point, the cheap art from Marshall's comes down and is donated to the local Goodwill.

J. David Zacko-Smith said...

Bare walls cannot be tolerated (and people who say "I'm making a statement" have taste that is so OVER). Anyhoo, if you hang things from the picture rails it sounds like you have, there is little chance of damage from a "mistake" (i.e. - no nail holes). Also, just get CREATIVE - there are tons of cool things you can do for little or no money. Fly me down and we'll have it all taken care of in a weekend, and for $250.

P.S. - PLEASE never shave your balls. Trim and manscape, yes, shave? NO! Who the hell likes stubbly balls? Yuck!

Christopher said...

Natalie: Thanks babe...I'm taking your advice.

Buzzsaw Pete: I had no idea that you were working on your I.D. degree...and I just realized that my living room is ALSO the Burberry coming soon.

MG & Lewis: y'all are preaching to the choir...I never give a damn what anyone thinks of my decor, personal style, how loud I fart,'s just that I'm really tired of looking at bare walls...of course it's the procrastinator in me that's not getting it done.

Jay: Yes, yes I do!

Eric: thanks for the tip...never thought of Marshalls, though I have had luck with finding wall art at Bed, Bath & Beyond for my bdrm walls.

JDSZ: you are so in my tribe...and if I could afford to fly you down, I DEF would...

p.s. I was just kidding about shaving my balls...they're as hairy as ever...looks like Lewis is the only one with stubbly balls...I kid (his balls are very smooth)!

Steve said...

I was going to suggest that you have Michael Guy pay you a visit to offer his expertise. But when I saw his comment... what he said.

D-Man said...

Don't listen to Lewis. Invite him and his husband down and they'll have you fixed up in a jiffy. They have excellent taste and are good at painting, too. Trust me.

Oh, and prop that mirror up in front of your bed.

Steven said...

Don't get Candice Olsen to stand next to you while she works: the woman is practically amazonian.