Monday, May 21, 2007

Pride Weekend Recap

So another year of the Long Beach Pride Festival has cum come and gone. This year, I played it pretty low key. I didn't throw a Gay Soiree to celebrate my Pride this weekend...No crazy "Kick-Off Pride" Orgies were attended. I didn't even attend the Festival. Been there, done that. The must-see event, for me, is the parade....that, I always attend. I haven't seen what the number of attendees were for this year, but my 'hood was crazy crowded all weekend.

On Friday night, I went to the Silver Fox with a friend, and we were very happy to see so many new faces. The vibe was great local guys, friendly sexy strangers, and cheap drinks all helped to make it one of those nights where you say to yourself: "Damn, I love being a Fag (or whatever is P.C. nowadays)". Also, my favorite bartender at the Fox, an older gent, was in the house....and he makes my Cosmos just right.

On Saturday morning, I got my haircut, and then I spent most of the day at my folk's house, to drop off my Mama's Mother's Day gift (they were out of town that weekend, so bite me). The plan for Saturday night was to go bar hopping with my gay BFF, after we got a light snack at a local tapas/wine restaurant (Biggs in Belmont Shore)...but things didn't go as planned.

First, the tapas joint was closed for renovations. Second, ALL of the gay bars had ridiculous lines, that had me baffled, as to how they were planning on getting all of them gay people inside. None of the gay bars in LB are anywhere near what'd be considered 'big'. Anyhoo, it was getting late, and I really wanted to get my drink we ended up at House of Hayden (downtown LB), it's not a competitive Voguing "house", it's a real place that serves booze.....and it's also STRAIGHT...Gasp! Right when we walked through the front door, the men all paused my 2 brothers called to say "surprise, we're in Long Beach, wanna hang out?"....I guess it was good karma that we ended up in a straight bar....quick recap: bros & their entourage were great fun....many many laughs & way too many drinks were had by all.

Sunday morning I watched the Pride Parade march up Ocean Blvd. The organizers did a pretty good job this year (especially in regards to pace), but if I could make a suggestion it'd be: less politicians and more go-go boys please. (Note to self: always remember to charge the camera's batteries the night before you plan on using it.) Then it was back home for the usual masturbation marathon clean house/do laundry/prep for the upcoming week.

This weekend wasn't all fun and was also an educational one. Here's what I learned:
  • Three Cosmos (on top of 2 glasses of wine and a whiskey sour) gives me a headache in the time, stop at 2 Cosmos.
  • Never ever say to your hairdresser: "I'm wanting a new look...why don't you try something new...surprise me"....I walked out of the salon looking like a sad reject from a Miami Vice extra casting call...slicked back hair, plastered to my head is so not cute.
  • Straight bars can actually be a lot of fun, and drinks are cheaper than the homo bars that I haunt.
  • A combination of Shout stain remover & bleach is a very effective way to remove skid marks from your chonies.

That's about get back to work people!


Eric said...

Skid marks? Really? See, the way to avoid that is just to stop wearing tighty-whiteys. :-)

Red7Eric said...

Um ... there are other ways to prevent skid marks. When I grow up, I'm building myself a bathroom with a bidet!

I don't know if I'll do the Pride Parade this year. I usually always do the Sunday Pride-Mart, but the Saturday night parade is iffy. Seen one, seem 'em all.

WAT said...

I went to LB Pride years and years ago. I remember it being very expensive and crowded and all the dudes used it as an excuse to take their shirts off and show off their tans and ripped muscles and crap.

Nice to look at I suppose, but I felt like a fish out of water.

Big Daddy/Buzzsaw Pete said...

Speaking of masturbation, check this out. [Safe for work].

J. David Zacko-Smith said...

Yeah, my black undies completely eliminate the skids - not that I want to talk about something so embarrassing. But, it happens to the best of us. Sounds like you had fun, which is way cool. I pretty much skip all pride celebrations of all kinds - been there and done that!

Michael Guy said...

Cosmos and skid marks?!

Is this how I raised you?

Okay, well...yes, let's skip that one 'shart' post of mine. Ahem.

Christopher said...

Eric: all of my black boxer briefs were in the laundry, and the maid (me) was being a lazy betch!

(Red) Eric: I had a 'bidet incident' in San Francisco a few weeks back...but let's not talk about it....the pain's too fresh.

Wat: baby, you are so my people.

Big Buzzsaw: did you participate privately?...I'm sure I did.

JDSZ: I love my black H&M boxer briefs ...very comfy & cheap too...oh yeah, and they hide skid marks very nicely.

M. Guy: I wasn't even going to mention your blog post, regarding how you crapped yourself silly, on your way home from work...but you brought it wipe me, baby!

Crazy Eddie said...

You crack me the hellz up. I actually pictured you at this bar... COSMOS and all...

Woke up with a headache huh? That's okay, nothing a little Eddie can't cure.

First I would rub your feet and then work my way up to the lower part of your back, then I would slide up to the back of your neck, giving you the rub-down of all rub downs... thus alleviating your after-drink headache.


Lewis said...

I say: 1. No shorts at all or 2. Black ones only or 3. Wipe better.

Christopher said...

EDDIE: now I've got an "ache" somewhere sure is a sweet talker!....come to me baby!

jay said...

I actually found a great gay bar with drinks much cheaper than most straight bars. It's been enough to bring my str8 friends to the bar lol.

Glad you had fun and str8 clubs can indeed be fun at times too, especially when I'm not in a mood to hear techno.