Monday, May 28, 2007

(Re)Motivated Me

So, after a weekend of seeing hot men walking shirtless around my 'hood, I've decided that I want to be one of those guys. Well, not the straight ones...I started a diet/exercise program today, with a goal of losing the extra 15-20 pounds I've put on over the last couple of years...yes yes y'all...I'm a chubby boy.

I have no idea what my weight currently is (weigh-in is tomorrow morning), but I'm guessing it's around 180. My ideal weight is 160, and that's what I've designated as my fuckable goal weight.

I was under the false notion that I carried my weight well...that is, until I caught my reflection in a store front's windows see, it was windy in the LBC and when I glanced in those damn windows of truth, I saw my t-shirt being blown in the wrong looked like I was smuggling a 20-lb turkey under it. My mirrors at home all lie to me....they say: you don't look that fat, you look 'sturdy'...the buttons on your shirt aren't screaming that much, really...[sigh.]

The Get-Your-Ass-in-Shape-for-Fall plan is pretty simple. I'm basically changing old habits. No more eating after 8:00 p.m., lowering my intake of carbs, fat, and processed foods, eating more fruits & veggies, and visiting my gym on the regular. I have a pending NYC trip in October, and if I'm gonna be strutting down 5th Ave, I need to build up my stamina for all of the power bottoms I'll be screwing shopping I'll be doing.

Today (Monday) was Day 1 and I did pretty well...I ate sensibly all day, drank lots of water, and speed walked around the neighborhood for about an hour (prepping for the treadmill/PreCor machines).

So the real horror of this all takes place in the morning, when I get on the scale...I swear, the first number had better start with a "1"...Commitment is a scary thing...wish me luck!


D-Man said...

I'm right there with ya, buddy. I started mine a month ago, but didn't say anything - in case I go right back to bad-habitsville, no one would know I was trying... oops, oh shit.

J. David Zacko-Smith said...

This is an excellent goal - even a little extra weight can cause you health problems. So, I wish you luck. I'm at the point that if I miss my exercise, I get crabby - so I run 5 days a week and do yoga, with a little light weight lifting. Also, I eat healthy (low fat), though I do, on occasion, treat myself to something sinful (ya gotta - life is too short, baby).

Big Daddy said...

Like the new banner.

Mirrors are deceiving.

Michael Guy said...

I'm strongly considering joining a runner's club. Tomorrow night is an info meeting; I figure I could can lose the 10lbs of chunk and meet nice people at the same time. But I'm still toying with the idea. Chocolate cake is my boyfriend and really doesn't want us to break up. Yep.

Hope you meet your goals, Christopher. I'm sure you will. I've got to be in shape by October; planning a Palm Springs get-away. Hopefully. If I'm not too broke from my apartment move.

Robert said...

You're one funny guy! ahaha! I hope your weigh-in this morning was favorable! You can do it!!

Steve said...

I just started cycling and did a paltry 24 miles over the weekend. My Chris is into it hard-core and will do 40 miles late in the afternoon. I thought I'd probably make it around the block and drop dead, but I was kinda impressed with how I did. Good luck.

Hateful, Party of One said...

Best of luck in your endeavor. It'll be hard work, but doable. If I can lose 40lbs in a year, you can lose 20 by the fall.

Christopher said...

D-man: I figured if I'm gonna get serious about this I should throw it out onto my blog...the added pressure is sure to keep me motivated!....see you in the "Thin & Gorgeous" section soon!

Jeffrey: you 'toight' bodied Betch! I envy you! xoxo

Big Daddy: and I'm enjoying your new avatar...and thanks for all the bad ass music you send me!

MG: I say go for it...just think, you'd be upping the Fab factor by a few clicks, with your presence...any chance of an L.A. stop off during this PS trip?

Robert: it was awful...185 lbs...uggh!...glad to 'meet' you...woo-hoo, another L.A. blogger!

Steve: you call 24 miles paltry? you're a stud!...and you know how jealous I am over your 30" waist!

Hateful: wow -- 40 lbs...that's awesome!....congrats & thanks for the well wishes!

Lewis said...

I admire anyone who recognizes what needs to be fixed and then sets out to do it. You'll be much more happy at 160....a much more fuckable weight. You're too funny.

Rey a.k.a. "Mr. Secret" said...

Ugh, I hear you... I stopped my six mile a day runs in November, ironically around Thanksgiving... giving in to the "It's the holidays and you live in NYC, so you SHOULD pack on some blubber to keep warm" mentality.

Well, it's late May, my birthday is next week, we're celebrating it at the beach and I'm centrally obese... a.k.a. "Spare Tire Syndrome". I kept saying to myself, "March 1st, I'll start running again..." Then it became "April 1st..." then "May 1st". Now it's June 1st and Summer is here and, damn it, I still have to suck it in during those windy times that you described.

Sucks that lipo has a one-week (painful) recovery time. Damn it.

Gary said...

Good luck! Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... you all are inspiring me to get off my butt and get some tonnage off... Maybe if I get enough off, I can go as a redhead... well... I already sound like Anne Robinson (The Weakest Link)... nevermind... :)

Add me to the gang looking to leave some weight behind me (don't touch that line)

But my spandex days are FAR behind me!

Red7Eric said...

Okay, I've just read this, and even tho' I'd kind of blown it off, I will be climbing on my elliptical machine tonight and taking it for a spin.

Thanks a lot.

(And that is meant to be read either sincerely or sarcastically; howsoever you choose.)