Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Shear Let Down

So tonight was the season finale for Shear Genius....and Anthony (pictured above) won...yay!...I was hoping that the top 2 would've been Anthony & that other Brit, Tabatha....that Betch has got mad skills, yo...but she got bumped off, as a result of being teamed up with a little troll, who screwed up & took Tabby down with him, but I digress.

I dunno...tonight's show just left me feeling unimpressed. The top 3 stylists had to wow the judges, using 3 models each. There were really only 2 rules: one hairstyle must be in a "bob" & at least one of the models had to have her hair colored...otherwise, they were pretty much free to do whatever they wanted. I ain't going to go into detail with what each stylist did, but I will say that I was surprised that they all ended up doing boring, safe looks....nothing edgy, nothing new, nothing borrowed, nothing blue...wait, where was I going with this?

Anyhoo, Vidal Sassoon was a guest judge tonight (he's looking good for 102)...and he must be on some damn good mood elevators, as he just seemed to love everyone & every haircut that walked down the runway...ok Vidal....we get it that you're famous for the Nancy Kwan "bob" hairdo...get over yourself already!....(p.s., who the hell is Nancy Kwan?)

Overall, I liked this Bravo reality show, and I'll miss it....but most of all, I think I'll be missing my weekly dose of Rene Fris....isn't he loverly?...and no wise cracks about his caterpillar eyebrows, bitches!


Big Daddy said...

I agree. All of their styles were pretty much the same. Boring.

TCho said...

Vidal Sassoon was really bizarre.

WAT said...

Hey, I got dem thick eyebrows.

It is sexay.

Jimmi said...

OMG, I totally thought the same thing! I thought Tabatha should have won, she was clearly the best. I thought Vidal Sassoon was great for 102 but I thought he was 105??? We might need to check the record books on that, and he was sassy, I think took a hit off of the bong before doing that show. I'm glad to see that that freak Dr. Booger, Boogie or whatever didn't win, he was a the worst! Stick to the barbershop sister! Oh yeah and Nancy Kwan???

So I looked up Nancy Kwan and this is what I found out Just FYI: Click Here

Home girl is still doing movies. If Shear Genius was really a good show, they would have had her on! LOL