Thursday, June 21, 2007

Can I Borrow $3000?

Prince will be performing 7 intimate concerts at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, in Los Angeles, starting June 23. Prince will perform two-hour sets for select audiences of 200 people in the hotel's Blossom Room. Following each show, the singer is expected to play late-night impromptu sets with his jazz band. Along with June 23, confirmed dates thus far are June 24 and 28-30.

Here's the kicker....Standing-room-only tickets will cost you $312.10...yes, that's right.....a lucky 70 people will have the opportunity to snatch up these tickets, so that their ass can stand at the back of the room for a couple of hours and bop along to the music (wear comfy shoes)...

The remaining 130 seats will be sold in pairs as VIP packages, offering fans dinner and seated show access for $3,121 (for 2 seats).....say what?.....does that come with a BJ from Prince himself?

In case you're wondering what's up with the odd $ amounts, the price points were chosen to match Prince's latest album title, "3121"....cute, no? (!)

What you get for standing room ticket (general admission):

  • Access to pre-concert party in the Historic Lobby Bar at 7:30pm and admission into the Blossom Ballroom at 9:30pm.
  • That's it.

What you get for mortgage payment ticket (reserve seating):

  • 7:30pm prefixed dinner @ The Dakota restaurant prepared by Prince’s personal chef, followed by the exclusive Prince concert in the Blossom Ballroom. Tax, gratuity & parking are not included.
  • Seating for the concert begins at 9:00pm for Blossom Ballroom show.
  • Access to the Jazz Session in the Historic Lobby following concert (general admission seating).

If money wasn't an issue (i.e., someone else was paying for the tix), I wouldn't mind seeing one of his shows...

...and have y'all ever noticed that this man does not age? below courtesy of Big Daddy


Big Daddy said...

I was thinking about the age thing last night when 'Kiss' came on The Tube.

J. David Zacko-Smith said...

What a "Princely" sum of money for tickets. ;-)

P.S. - Prince doesn't age because he's got awesome plastic surgeons.

TCho said...

I like that new song on the Verizon ad.

Lewis said...

I'll loan you the $$$....but I'm gonna make you work it off in trade.

Jim said...

Uh, just to be clear, as a Jehovah Witness Prince no longer plays any of his "dirty" material and wont' swear in his songs.

All that aside, why did you include that photo of little Richard?

jay said...


APR: 60%
Default APR: 90%

Rate Variable - Rate changes daily and is dependent upon your perceived MAGO level.

MAGO = Money Available for Gay Outings.

Greg said...

I understand the "3121" reference, but why so much just to see someone perform for two hours? Why doesn't someone pay me $3K= to listen to their CDs?

Silly Billy said...

What will $31.21 get me? The pleasure of waxing his ass cheeks so he can wear his famouls ass-less pants?

D-Man said...

You'd better get a freakin' 'happy ending' or something for that damn. price... Did the JW's tell him to charge that much??

Red7Eric said...

I was never a Prince-ling, so much as a Madonna-wannabe, because hi, I'm gay and I love the divas. So no thanks even to the cheap seats.

I might pay that much for Madonna, however. Just sayin'.