Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Ringing Just Won't Stop!

You know it's going to be a bad day when you show up to work & realize that you forgot to shower slap on some hair product. The top of my head looks like a squirrel is napping...[ :: sigh :: ]

My job is kicking my butt right now, as we're working on a huge project & deadlines are fast approaching....I even worked a 1/2 day on Saturday, and that never happens. My email inbox is overflowing with constant last minute changes & the damn phone just won't stop ringing....I'm taking a long lunch now & I'll have my phone set on Do Not Disturb, for just a little too long...oops!

I've been working on the '8 Things About Me' meme, that I've been tagged with, but only have 4 done...damn this job...always getting in the way of my Blog life!

Just wanted to post something today & say:

Heh Heh He-looo!

Bonus points awarded to the first person to identify what 1995 movie that's from...here's a clue: the star of that movie's initials are PP.

Update: Congrats to Synrgy for correctly answering my bit o' trivia...party on, Gurl!


Silly Billy said...

Oh geez, there is bonus points.

jay said...

Aw, poor baby. It'll be fine.

SYNRGY said...

Thats Easy... Party Girl... Starring Ms. Parker Posey...

I'll have a falafel with hot sauce, a side order of baba ganoush and a seltzer, please.


J. David Zacko-Smith said...

I used to have a job like that - but my sanity was more important, baby. You gotta ignore my comments right now...I'm getting into vacation mode! I wish you the best, and DO take that long lunch!

Silly Billy said...

You know, I was actually thinking it was something with Parker Posey. Damn you synrgy.

Big Daddy said...


I was just thinking of the bit in the library:

'Oranges and peaches? You might try to food magazine section....'


'Hell-oooo Chanel!'

Big Daddy said...

The other day that is.

Though Lovers Be Lost said...

I'll take hair products for $400 please Alex...

(whoops, wrong spot)

But, I do have some suggestions involving whipped cream.

(umm... never mind)

Couldn't you just do a Lily Tomlin on the phone?

Okay, I'll go take a pill :)