Monday, July 9, 2007

Weekend Recap (& Workplace Rant)

I'm feeling a little cheated in regards to the weekend... I was supposed to have July 4th - 8th off, for a 5-day weekend, but I had to cancel my 2 days of vacation, due to the damn job.

Work has been crazy busy , as we're racing against the clock to meet our deadline for a major project... In June, I cancelled 3 vacation days & this past week I cancelled another 2 vacation days...I had plans to hang out with my SBF (Straight Best Friend), but had to cancel at the last minute....I'll have to make it up to him somehow (read: drunken blowjob)...

The upside of this is that I now have an additional week of time off available for later use.
I actually came in to work on Saturday morning & didn't leave until 7:00 pm, that's how bad things are...

So to salvage what little I had of my weekend, my GBF (Gay Best Friend) & I went to dinner at Cucina Picarelli Restaurant Saturday night...the food was great....portions were gigantic (read: my skinny jeans were screaming) GBF is a bit of a wine snob expert, and he brought along an amazing bottle of Barbera (sp?) was so good that I wanted to lick his bunghole my glass clean.

After dinner, the (original) plan was to head out to WeHo to check out this new hot spot, but after a bottle of wine, a full tummy & the work day, we decided to keep it local & just check out a movie. We saw Knocked Up....I didn't really want to see this, as I thought it was a chick flick, but got pressured persuaded to see it. It was pretty funny & I have a new found lust appreciation for Paul Rudd.

After the movie, there was just enough time for a couple rounds of drinky-drinks, so we stopped at Ripples....The place was packed at around 12:30 & there were a lot of new faces....One face in particular caught my eye...I was pulling out all the tricks, trying to catch his know: sucking in the gut...standing so that he couldn't see my profile....lifting my chin to minimize the secondary chins....but I think I needed to be 10 years younger and 20 15 10 pounds lighter for him to have been interested....


So here we go again with another crazy work soon as I walked in to my cubicle this morning, I had someone waiting for me, 3 voicemails & a butt load of emails....uggh!


Red7Eric said...

Paul Rudd is a new source of lust for you?? Hell, I've been lusting after Paul Rudd since The Object of My Affection and Cider House Rules.

I liked Knocked Up; it was funny. Sorry your job sucks. You got your revenge, tho', by blogging and getting paid for it -- yes?

Lewis said...

"Butt load of emails", is that, like, a lot of emails? Sounds raunchy. Really sorry you're vacation days are not going as planned......they sounds as if they are anything but vacation.

Big Daddy said...

Yah, no doubt. I was in to Paul Rudd after 'Clueless'.

Hang in there bro!

Hopefully my crazy week will be ending Weds.

TCho said...

Mondays suck. I share your pain.

Anonymous said...

You store your e-mails in your butt????

Geeze SB, no wonder you're uncomfortable :-)

(ducking the swat upside the head)

You're always welcome north of the border ;-)

Seems everyone in the techie world is insanely busy this week!

Hope you have a chance to breathe soon... as for the movie, who's Paul Rudd? (am I out of touch or what?)

M- Filer said...

someone needs a vacation fast...I'm on one as I write and I highly recommend it. Not to rub it off--in--or anything.

Good luck

Steve said...

I realize that we're in different lines of work, but long ago, I instituted a new policy: My job WILL NOT interfere with my personal life. So far, so good - but sometimes I give in so as not to press my luck. Now, get back to work!

Greg said...

No good time goes unpunished. But at lesat the week's half over now!!