Wednesday, August 1, 2007

When The Cat's Away

I woke up very late this morning, yet was able to throw myself together in record time & still show up to work "on time". I need to give a shout out to Baby Jebus & give thanks for getting rid of any traffic jams. When I got to my desk, one of my co-workers really made my day, when she told me that the Big Bad Boss was out sick today.....Blessed, am I!

So far today, I've managed to visit many of my co-workers & just shoot the shit with them (it's all about bonding, yo)....then I was able to take care of some online shopping, blog reading, & some personal stuff (pooping).

At 11:30, I went to lunch with my buddy, "Keanu".....I've dubbed him that cuz he looks a hella lot like him only taller, thinner, & more well endowed....ok, I'm guessing at that one, since I've never seen either's wangs........yet.

Keanu wanted to take me back to his place to this Sushi bar that he swears is "da shizz"....he was right, it was damn tasty y'all....Sushi, twice in less than a week?...fine with me! I just hope the boss doesn't find out that we took 2 hours for lunch....wheeee!

Now, it's time to get some work done, so that the guilt of doing absolutely nothing becomes too overwhelming.....Ha!


SYNRGY said...

Slack Ass... Now Get Back To Work!!!

Silly Billy said...

I took a 2 1/2 hour lunch yesterday. At that is after coming into work 3 ours late. Oh, and I left an hour early too.

Um, basically I came in, turned on my computer, read the news, and thats it.

BTW - maybe I will accompany you to Urge on your NY trip.

Silly Billy said...

Oh boy, the grammatical and spelling errors in that last comment. Am I still drunk?

Eric said...

We need some pictoral evidence of this "Keanu", please.

Christopher said...

Synrgy : Bite me (gently)!

Billy: are there any job openings where you work?...and I'll have what your drinking...also...YES, I'd love to go bar crawling with you & maybe some of the other NY bloggers I stalk.

Eric: I tried to snap a pic of Keanu, the Intern, & me last Friday, at our lame appreciation lunch, but the damn batteries were dead!...arrggh!!

Todd HellsKitchen said...

I love my sushi with brown rice. Not everyone makes it that way, but a few places around here do.

Big Daddy said...

I'm never on time for work.


Gay Canuck in the Capital said...

What is with all this sudden ghetto talk? I'm baffled.

Christopher said...

Todd: brown rice sounds a LOT healthier...I usually just shove the white rice into a napkin & eat the fish.

Gay Canuck : blame it on the diversity training I was forced to sit thru this morning...just trying to be a little more, er, diverse with the lingo....yo!