Monday, August 20, 2007

Weekend Recap


Had dinner at La Palapa ... it's been years since I've had dinner there & boy have I missed it!...the highlight of the evening was seeing a gay couple Salsa dancing (and none of the straights got bent out of shape)...and then a lesbian couple got all jealous & shit and got up to dance too...another highlight was the Pina Colada....slurp!


Went with my folks to Casino Morongo in Cabazon...the intention was to only spend a couple of hours there, but 8 hours later, the cigarette smoke was just too much for our delicate lungs, eyes, and hair follicles. Seriously, why can't they just ban smoking altogether? I would've spent way more hours (not to mention thrown away some of my savings) there. FYI, I'm a high roller y'all....yeah, that's right...I walked right by the penny machines and plopped my arse down at The Price is Right NICKEL slot machines (jealous?....don't hate!)

I did pretty good, gambling wise. Yeah, I was up $150, but then played my winnings & ended up with about $80 more in my pocket....not too shabby for Chris!


Took my GBF out to dinner to celebrate his 38th birthday at Paradise, in Long Beach. I used to think that this was where all of the local Old Queens went to, but I was so wrong....I saw quite a few hot looking Queerlings in the bar at 7 p.m....for real, the bar was packed & I was looking forward to getting my after dinner drink(s) on. We both ordered steaks & my 12 oz Rib Eye was HUGE, so I saved half of it for Monday's breakfast...I really thought it was nice that they brought over a complimentary dessert & sang "Happy B-day" to my GBF, where I interjected "He's 42!!".....much to his chagrin, but at least it got the one waiters to look at him & say: "more like 32"...I think he may have gotten a little hard at that point.

If you're ever in the LBC, I highly recommend you check this place out for dinner or drinks (which were a little pricey -- $19 for 2 Martinis).

I'm on vacation all this week & I have absolutely NOTHING planned...but that's what I wanted...time to get caught up on some reading (blogs & books), and maybe a little shopping, with a whole lot of boozing as well!

P.S. : Jim, how did you know I was on vacation? Stalking me?...the answer better be "yes"!


Jim said...

I'm psychic.

In my psychic mess of a brain, I'll also b=make a guess that you have plans to go out in WeHo this week sometime.

My second guess is San Diego just in case you were going to shout "Wrong!" at me.

What will you do with yourself with all that free time!?!

Anonymous said...

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Christopher said...

Ok, now you're scaring me a little (hides the San Diego Zoo passes)...

Michael Guy said...

OH! OH! I've been to the casino in CABAZON...jesus, close enough to Palm Springs?! I only won $20 bucks though, but it was the .25/quarter slots that got me the big cash. Total slot junkie...

So? What cha' gonna do with all this free time, Christopher? I need details, please.

I hear INVASION is totally fucking lame-o. My two cents...