Thursday, August 23, 2007

You Turn Me On

Someone recently asked the question: "Do y’all have a ‘get dressed for the night out’ song"? ...and my answer to that question is the above Paul Oakenfold/Brittany Murphy collab of Faster Kill Pussycat....I know this is a little old, but hell, the song I used to play, as I scrubbed, rubbed, buffed, moisturized, then squeezed into jeans & prayed that my belt buckle would stay clasped shut was the following Oldie but Goodie.......(stop laughing):


J. David Zacko-Smith said... so depends on my mood. I sometimes listen to Sinatra or Michael Buble, sometimes Chaka Khan, or sometimes ABBA. ;-)

Jim said...

My shower song changes all the time. That being said, once it's on, it's stuck on for about a month or more...

I totally was grooving on Faster Pussycat last Fall.

Previously: I Make the Beat Go Boom Papi by Starkillers

Karma 'Karmastition' by Alicia Keys & Stevie Wonder

Hot Stuff by Pussycat Dolls

Spring: Rain Down Love (Original Club Mix) by Freemasons Feat. Siedah Garrett

Summer: Candyman by Christina Aguilera

Currently: Young Folks by Peter Bjorn And John

Future: Maneater (Rauhofer Edit) by Nelly Furtado

Now as for your confession of working it to The Flirts, is it time to talk about that portrait of Dorian Gay in your attic?

Big Daddy said...

I still like that Pussycat song.

Who knew Brittany could sing[?].

Gay Canuck in the Capital said...

whatever my current in song is- that's what gets played over and over. I hate that itunes now measures how many times I listen to things- 245? Really? But it is handy to sort so I can get my faves in a row.

Michael Guy said...

You are such a hootchie! I don't know really what that means other than should the two of us ever go out together for shits & stripper pole is safe in a 10-mile radius. Yep.

:: sip your cosmo, sweetie ::

D-Man said...

Alrighty then. Not only am I so out of it now, but apparently back in the 80s, too. Great. Who are these people?

Christopher said...

Jeffrey: so eclectic this one!

Jim: once again, I am impressed by the length of your , umm, list!

Big Daddy: wasn't she the 'ugly' one in Clueless?...she's all growed up now!

Gay Canuck: I know's so damn embarassing when you see some of the songs that I listen to the most!

MG: that day is coming soon!...sip-sip!

D-man: you poor thing...come out of them corn fields and into the city....I kid my friend (I'm just jealous & bitter that u have clean air to breathe)!

Jim said...

What? Christopher & Michael have a date? Is it in Chicago or California?

I can't help myself with my music obsession. I'm about to roll over on 30,000 songs in my itunes. To be fair, I think 5,000 are duplicates but I can't stand to weed.

jay said...

This song is hott. I never tire of it when I hear it in a club. Sadly, given it's age I rarely do anymore but it's definitely on my playlist.

Silly Billy said...

Can I tell you to get myself in a good going out mood I play Faster Pussycat and dance to it.

Ok, well, I guess I just did tell you. How embarrasing. Me getting my groove on.

sexy said...