Monday, September 10, 2007

Going to B.F.E.

In a couple of weeks, I'll be heading to the beautiful city of Rapid City, South Dakota...for a week-long work conference/training event/waste of my time...South Dakota??....Shoot Me Now!!

My ungrateful, bitter ass will be sitting in training classes Tues thru Friday from 8 - 4 pm, along with some coworkers & people in my industry from all across the U.S. ...I went thru this training last year, but this year, I've been placed in the intermediate level....[woo-hoo]...last year's training wasn't so bad, as the host city was Long Beach, which meant sleeping in late, many "happy hours" after classes, and a 5 minute drive home.

I've been looking into local men things to do, places to visit, bars to get sloshed in, and Daddy isn't having much luck. I'm picturing holing (sp?) myself up in my hotel room nightly & ordering room service...hmm...on second thought, that doesn't sound so bad after all!

I will be checking out Mt. Rushmore on Monday (we're flying in a day early to acclimate ourselves to the hick environment), but after that, what's left?

Now, I know that there are homos in Rapid City, but where do they hang out? Methinks, I'm going to really have to turn up the Gaydar sensors to "Max"...I'll make it my mission to seek out & find my fellow homos. Maybe I can even have my own Brokeback Mountain experience, but in a hotel room...and with lube....not into the dry screwing so much...too much info?

If y'all have any ideas/suggestions PLEASE share!


Eric said...

Good luck, dude. We couldn't even find a single homo in Vermont and that's the first state in the union to have legalized civil unions!

Silly Billy said...

Hmmmm, I would not even know where to begin to suggest anything.

But best of luck to you anyway.

J. David Zacko-Smith said...

Good luck with that my little weeping willow.

Gay Canuck in the Capital said...

go on and talk to the boys.

Jim said...

Stay out of those public restrooms Senator Christopher!

Michael Guy said...

OH dang! Jim took my thought!

Maybe foot tapping in the airport bathroom will get you dinner and dancing between the sheets?!

Jules said...

OMG... did you just say dry... ehem... OMG. I'm speechless. Not really. Good luck find ing some action!

franck said...

Log on to Manhunt?