Sunday, October 14, 2007

Truth Revealed

The answer to the question of which of my 3 statements found in this post is true... #1 (I've been trained in the ancient & mysterious ways of ka-ra-te'). If I can find some pics of me striking a pose, with a throwing star in hand, I'll post them.

So sad to say that NO ONE got it right...Booo!....I am especially disappointed in Franck for getting that one wrong. We have met, yes?...hehehehehe.

Anyhoo, I just got back in from NYC, late Sunday night, but I'm just too tired to write anything more tonight, but stay tuned for my NYC visit much fun was had, and it was very difficult to come back home.


Jim said...

Wow, we all sucked.

At least the weather for your return won't jar you too badly.

Paul said...

I'll be waiting to see the pics! :)
When we get that room everyone keeps talking about, you will have to practice your karate moves on me! glad your home!