Tuesday, November 27, 2007

...Insert Clever Post Title Here...

Holy Moley, I've been neglecting this blog for nearly a week now, and I have to apologize to the 10's of you that stop by on the regular. Now that my tryptophan coma has finally worn off, I've showered & shaved (down there.......and back there), and I am ready to get back to the true purpose of my life: blogging.

Last week was a very relaxing week for me. I had Wednesday thru Sunday off and basically didn't do shit. I had an entire list of things to get done over the holiday (seriously, I make daily lists of men things to do) & I only accomplished about 1/4 of the "to do's". I did watch a lot of movies, played some video games, & I even watched some trash TV, such as that Tila Tequila show & I Love New York 2....seriously, both of these bishes are ridiculous!

Tila is just nasty...her body's ok, but that face? Looks like she played "chicken" with a Mack truck & failed to put her brakes on.....yuck!...Why would any of these guys/lezzies be interested in her? Yeah, I already know....this is a chance for these people to get their 15 minutes of fame, but damn, that just seems so sad & desperate. This show is so stupid & I'm pissed off that:

1). I got sucked in & wasted an hour watching this freak show and,
2). I was fooled by the boyish lezzie.

I seriously thought that she was a cute boy, until I turned up the volume & heard her speak...FYI, this isn't the 1st time a lez has fooled me, but that's a post for another day!

As for "New York", this show is a guilty pleasure of mine. I can see why the mens on this show "got love for New York" ....it's her T&A. Yes, yes, y'all, New York is crazy, air-headed, acts a little slutty, has a five-head, and is dumber than a box of hair extensions, but she cracks my butt up! I'm really hoping that poor little NY can find true love this season...and if she ever gets tired of "The Entertainer", I'd be more than happy to"entertain" him myself....I hear he sucks a toe like nobody else.....'mkay!


Anonymous said...

OMG.... "The Entertainer" and the toe sucking incident was so nasty! Seriously creepy! But if it will make you happy I'd do it for ya, only after a good washin though ;)

eliot said...

My gawd, do you call Pawl when you post so he gets the first damn comment every time or what!

I hope your constipation goes away soon.

Don't be a stranger babe.

TCho said...

even though you were gone for a week, you're a better blogger than me.

My guilty pleasure this season has been Gossip Girl and Real World Sydney (well, I tell myself that I'm watching RW Sydney because I used to live there and want to see shots of my old place of residence)

Jim said...

Praise Jesus you have returned from the dead! (oh wait, that's Easter)

franck said...

That post made no sense to me whatsoever. But I chuckled anyway, because I didn't want anyone to know I didn't get it.

Big Daddy said...

Ok, so now I don't feel like such a dork for making lists myself.

And yah, damn the lesbinas who look like cute guys.

RAD Homo said...

Tila Takillya is indeed a guilty pleasure just like New York 2...You just sit there and laugh and sometimes my jaw is wide open from being kinda grossed out...these chicks are something else...good trash TV indeed! Thank god for the guys...they make it watchable most of the time.

Silly Billy said...

You need to watch "America's Most Smartest Model" my dear.