Monday, December 24, 2007

All About Eve

Christmas Eve is when my family celebrates the birth of the little Baby Jesus. We used to celebrate the day by having a big family dinner (my folks always played host to many aunts, uncles, & cousins), followed by after dinner drinks, and then we'd wait for midnight to finally arrive...that's when we'd get to open up gifts.

As we've all gotten older, we found it necessary to change it up a bit. This year, I decided to give my mom a day off from the kitchen, so I treated my immediate family to Christmas Eve dinner at one of my favorite Italian restaurants here in Long Beach, Cafe Piccolo. After dinner, we walked the canals in Naples, to check out how the wealthy in Long Beach decorated their homes. We showed up at the right time, as there was a group of carolers strolling the canals. Some of the gondoliers were in the singing mood too.

Then we came home to drink champagne, eat way too many Christmas cookies, cheeses, cakes, a yule log "cake" thing with a lot of marzipan mushrooms on it that must've been 4,000 calories per slice (my neighbor dropped it off), and 3 different types of pies (I tasted all 3), and then we finally opened up gifts.

I like this "slimmed down" version of celebrating X-mas, as it just felt so much more relaxed (read: none of the crazy relatives came over to get drunk & ruin the day)...however, I must've had one too many glasses of bubbly, as I foolishly volunteered to make dinner next year...funny how quickly Mommy Dearest agreed to that suggestion.

*** Happy Holidays Everyone! ***


Jim said...

Suddenly my house seems so drab in comparison...

Big Daddy said...

Something must be wrong with Bloglines.

I just got this today.

Thanks for the Xmas card!!

WillySmith said...

LOL parents are freeloaders, never forget that!

Anonymous said...

I love Cafe Piccolo! Funny I've never seen you there. Then again, I've never seen you anywhere. Pity.