Thursday, December 13, 2007

I've Been Recognized!

When I started this here blog, it wasn't to become the local celebrity that I've become...but some things I guess are unavoidable. You can't fight the funk & you can't change fate. Yes, yes y'all, I have finally been recognized by someone on the street.

During my lunch break today, I drove to Target in Pico Rivera (heavily Latino populated area of L.A.), when I noticed these 2 guys, driving a raised Escalade, in the lane to the left of me. They were looking over (down) at me & sort of smiling...that's when I knew that they had just recognized me for the celeb that I am. I smiled back & threw them the head nod.

Then, as the light changed & I started to make my right hand turn, the guy in the passenger seat leaned out the window, still smiling, and shouted: "Faggot!". I didn't have time to react, as I rounded the corner...and besides, how should I have responded to that factual & accurate statement? Maybe yelled back: "homophobic closet case!"?

To be honest, I was a little surprised, because today I look like shit & don't necessarily think I "look gay "(oh, you know what I mean...I'm sorry, but gay usually does have a "look"). Today, I have 2 days worth of facial hair, my hair is all jacked up, I'm wearing a dark blue button down shirt, and baggy khakis (think: Gap's clearance section) yesterday was a much different look. I looked tres gay in my athletic fit cowboy style shirt (that looks pretty good on me when I suck in the gut), a pair of "modern fit" (to enhance the package & booty) pants, along with some pointy shoes...yeah, I looked pretty fruity yesterday.

I just realized that today was the first time in my life that anyone's ever "reminded me" that I'm a Big 'Mo...Oh much for being recognized...maybe I'm only a legend in my living room...[le sigh]!


Donnie v2.0 said...

Cuntgratulations! Now you're Famous...Like Me!

Rey a.k.a. "Mr. Secret" said...

Maybe it was the big ol' pink triangle button you had on your lapel. You know, the one that flashes?

W said...

That wasn't a nice experience but you're a funny man. Well taken.

Hi, I am erik, from whittle et al.

Nice blog!

Eric said...

Ah. Well. That happened to me once, too, when the guidos in a hummer limo thought I was keeping them from their ladies of choice on the sidewalk. Somehow, standing up for ladies makes you a faggot, too! Who knew?
I suppose the only way to prove your heterosexualness is to make sure that all women - whether you know them or not - are the subject of sexist humor and rape fantasies.

m00nchild said...

for men like that i reserve a special blown kiss while my hand reaches for a pipe, bottle or stiletto heel. they'd be scared of this faggot.

dbv said...

homophobic closet case has too many syllables for people like that to grasp!!! keep it simple!!! something like asshole usually works for me!!! ha!!!

Silly Billy said...

C, I am glad that you are able to laugh about it, but still that sucks.

Anonymous said...

I told you that big rainbow stripped sticker across your back window gives it away!!!
If I would have been there with ya, I probably would have responded with a simple "why thank you for noticing!"
I'm glad I have such a famous man in my life!

Scot said...

Yes, you are a legend in your own living room- when pulling a muscle doing the hustle! BTW, do those neighbors who caught you look you in the eye when they see you now, or do they sort of turn away and snicker?

Marko said...

Damn, that happened to me alot back home but not for my blog.

Big Daddy said...

Maybe they called you that because you sound like you look like a hipster today.


Even I think hipsters are gay.

Shirley Heezgay! said...

To this day....after over 10 years of being "OUT" I have yet to be called out on my sexuality.

I'll admit, even in this giant city, I double check my image in the mirror before I head out.

Years of practice, I guess.

Regardless, I have a theory and it is perfect for your little scenario.

A dude in the passenger seat (or Driver's seat) who yells out "Faggot!" is doing it to "impress" his co-passenger. The truth is, is he probably would love for you to give him a Pile Driver right up his ass, making him shout out the names of people he doesn't even know.

You were way or another.

The Scott Blog said...

I hate it when people yell "Faggot" at me.

When middle school let out all the kids would go out on the playground to play while we waited for our rides.

"Hey faggot," I'd hear yelled my way.

"Coming Mom," I screamed as I ran for the car.

It wasn't until years later that I learned that "Faggot" wasn't an endearing phrase like "Honey" or "Darlin."

Oh Mom!

Robert said...

It's never easy to experience stuff like that. I used to get really pissed and angry, but I think these days I'm better at handling such situation.

I guess stuff like this builds up your tolerance points! :-) Have fun this weekend you two!! Woohoo!!!

Boy About Town said...

You have been recognized! Even if its by some scary men that may want to mugged you or force you to help with a drive by (I know all about that stuff, I watch the Fox channel) Next time I would just let them ask for an autograph then explain that have to dash before the paps, who are hot on your trail, catch up with you...Prolbem solved!

Jules said...

Not a big fan of hearing someone say that to you, Topher.... awww... come here... lemme give you a big hug!