Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Naked Pics of David Beckham

I'm suddenly very interested in seeing naked pics of David Beckham, after his wife (Victoria Beckham...duh!) made the following comment regarding his man-junk:

"He does have a huge one, though. He does. You can see it in the advert. It is
all his. It is like a tractor exhaust pipe!"

Oh, and speaking of Victoria, here's a recent pic of her during a concert in London. Notice how her back tits are falling out of her top...I know it, she's such a fat ass! If David were mine, I'd make sure that my back tits always stayed within my shiny metallic gold dominatrix disco bustier halter top.


Anonymous said...

God dammit, I try and ignore this guy all this time cause like I'm not into Soccer so why should I even care about him just cause he's... he's kinda good looking... or actually amazingly attractive... hot, really, smoking hot... and now you tell me he has a big thick dick?

Sigh. OK. I'm in.

RAD Homo said...

TRACKER EXHAUST PIPE! Nuff said..Hope some pics surface soon!

Anonymous said...

The phrase "back tits" made me laugh my ass off! thank Jebus I dont have those or full frontal ones as well! You would think she has enough money to nip/tuck those back tits!

Silly Billy said...

Have I ever mentioned that I absolutely LOVE David Beckham?????

And knowing his manhood is like a tractor exhaust pipe pretty much gave me heart palpitations.

Scot said...

That top requires the wearer not raise their elbow higher than their solar plexus. Victoria apperantly did not get the memo on that one.

Lewis said...

Exhaust pipe? Man, she has some wild imagination! I mean, mine is pretty good sized and all, but not THAT big

Big Daddy said...

It's not THAT big. [Link definitely NSFW]

I've seen bigger.

The Scott Blog said...

i seriously just said to myself, "oh, i must comment on his zac efron pics," but sadly they are gone :-(

wha happened?

Christopher said...

Atari: yup..I wasn't really into him..at first...but he's grown on me.

Rad Homo: looks like my friend Big Daddy came through....check out his link in his comment above.

Paulie: I knew you'd get a kick out of that phrase.

Billy: did you just wet yourself?.

Scot: or maybe Vicky should've worn the top that can actually handle the ginormous implants.

Lewis: show me.

Scott: you have sadly mistaken me for someone else...who's Zac?..seriously.

Marko said...

Oh my david...lol!

I love posh, she has always been my fave.

Boy About Town said...

Tractor exhaust pipe? What the hell does this girl know about tractors? I however have ridden a John Deere or two...maybe three..hell Old Mcdonald has nothing on me!