Thursday, January 24, 2008

Could You Be Any Gayer?

I have to say that this season of Project Runway is pretty mellow, yet I'm still addicted to the show.

On this week's episode, I was happy to see that control freak, Victorya, get booted off. I never saw any talent in her, and I was surprised that she outlasted Kit...but whatever.

I predict that the final 3 will be Rami (he'll win the entire thing), Christian (what a little Bitch he's turned into), and Ricky (even though I want this crying mess to go next)...I have a feeling that Sweet P is going to screw up soon, with some kind of hippy/folksy/cabaret tragedy, Chris will end up making a drag queen costume, and Jillian will bleed to death by pricking her finger one too many times...that, or she'll over-extend herself yet again & run out of time.

Anyhoo, here's a video of MadTV spoofing the show:


dbv said...

i'm addicted to that show too... and thanks for the clip, that was hysterical!!!

Lewis said...

Never heard of the show. That shows you how far out I live. Happily. Does it have anything to do with airplanes?

Greg said...

I didn't like Victorya at all, especially that IKEA bag she called a prom dress. I think the final three will be Rami, Sweet P and Christian.

Paul said...

I loved the spoof. You need to watch the season 3 DVD with me!

Scot said...

Victorya is like an evil Vera Wang.

I was wishing Kevin hadn't been booted. He would have been great to see at Bryant Park.

I'll be surprised if Ricky makes it to te final three. They're always picking on his craftmanship, and I doubt they'll want to send that to the finals. I'd pick Jillian instead. The judges are more likely to accept "sloppy because she ran out of time" over "sloppy because you're not paying attention to detail"

Can you tell I've never watched to show before?

Steve said...

OMG! We love that show, too. We also hated Victorya. Hated. Rami is a little too OCD for me and my favorites are that bitchy, little Christian and Chris. So... do you watch Real Housewives, too?

M- Filer said...

Christian, Rammi. and Juillain go to Fashion week.

Ricky is toast.

Chris gets a sitcom about a fat lovable manny.

Mark in DE said...

I am addicted, too. But I predict that Christian will win. I can't wait for this little femme gayboy designer to make the talk show rounds and piss off all the right wingers.

Mark :-)