Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hush...the Garden's Sleeping!

Spring 2007

I miss the flowers in my tiny side garden...I even miss all of the "chores" that are involved in tending a garden. Gardening is very therapeutic for me. I only wish I had some real land to tend to, so that I could grow some veggies in the summer, set up a little stand on my street corner & put my chilluns to work selling my reapage (is that a word?)....those two really need to start earning their keep around here.

Maybe in the next chapter of my life, I'll get that garden, along with the big ass house located somewhere coastal...I'm thinking anywhere south of Newport Beach, but north of San Diego....a boy can dream, can't he?!

2007 was pretty successful, gardening wise. The house always had a few fresh flowers throughout spring & summer. Now, the roses have all been pruned, the perennials have been cut back, and the weeds have disappeared.

The weather in L.A. has only recently turned wintery...eight days of rain...which we desperately needed. Here's what the garden looks like today...slowly waking me!

Winter 2008


The Scott Blog said...

You're dreaming of a house on the beach and lately I've been daydreaming about the floorplan for my imaginary studio apartment in Manhattan. It's amazing how NYC can get to you so much that, instead of dreaming of some fantastic apartment, you dream within your limits (and the studio apartment in Manhattan is barely within my limits).

J. David Zacko-Smith said...

I love gardening too - and am lucky enough to have a decent amount of space available to me - though not huge or anything. I dream of an apartment in PARIS, or small house in the South of France.

Oh, and happy 40th, too - I'm "going there" in July! You look marvelous, darling!

Lewis said...

Listen, big-ass gardening areas aren't all that they are cracked up to be,especially when you have to be the one to take care of them. I like a little, I DON'T LIKE a lot. I love your space. It goes to show that size doesn't matter. And ours isn't quite waking up, but very close.

Big Daddy said...


Everything is brown and dead here.

Anonymous said...

We will have that bigger place one of these days! Its my goal to make your dreams come true! Springtime will be here soon handsome, I'll help you with the flowers :)