Thursday, January 17, 2008

It Don't Matter What You Wear

The Uber-Fashionable, Michael Guy, reminded me that Milan is currently showcasing Fall/Winter 2008 collections, from some of the clothing designers that I lust after...I mean, I lust after the clothes and not so much the designers...although Stefano Gabanna ...oops, digressing here.

I used to be much more into fashion. Designer labels used to have meaning & value to me. I used to own a ridiculous amount of clothes. I had charge cards to every major department store that was around at the time (I miss you Bullocks), and those babies saw a lot of swiping action. I could go an entire month without wearing the same pants, shirts, or underwear...but those days, along with a mountain of credit card debt (and my 28" waist) are long gone.

This expensive/irrational love affair with designer clothing died a slow death. It was a necessary death. I had to stop buying clothes that I couldn't afford & honestly didn't need. I had to stop equating shopping with happiness & finally live within my means.

Today, my wardrobe is much more streamlined. I don't own a single department store charge card, and I'm just as happy in a t-shirt from Old Navy, as I am in a dress shirt from Armani. I do treat myself occasionally and buy something "nice" to wear, but I'm in control now...also, I do own a lot of jeans still, but they're very necessary, each & every pair.

Anyhoo...As suspected, Milan saw suits, suits, and even more suits, but there were are a few of my favorite looks that got sashayed down the runways in Milan last week.

DSquared ~ I'm digging this nod to punk, and I used to own a pair of shoes exactly like the ones in the pic. If I were down to my goal weight, I think I could pull this look off...only, I'd have the pants tailored a little longer.

Moschino ~ I do loves me some "Mo". Yes, these 2 looks are similar, sorta, but I can't decide which I like more...the one on the left reads a little "doorman-ish", but I think I can make it work. Ah hell, I love both of these jackets I'll take them both.

Gotta run...the Paris shows start today...Happy Shopping!

ps: The answers are 32" Waist (someday this year) & Medium.


dbv said...

i'm trying to get back to a 32!!!

cb said...

I'm down with the Moschino, but that other crap? What the Plaid??

Lewis said...

I'm with you....just as happy in jeans, t-shirts (tighter than more loose), flip flops (summer only, unfortunately).... I don't play dress up very well (any more!). 31waist here....mostly medium, sometimes small.

Michael Guy said...

THANKS for the shout out! That was so sweet.

Er, I'm hovering around 33" and, like you, have given up the label lifestyle. Who frickin' cares? Yes, I have a few choice pieces to sport with bitchy friends but I find myself more and more drawn to relaxed comfort and crafting my OWN brand of style.

And is there really anything sexier that jeans and flip-flops on a guy?

Jim said...

I think you've almost got it... Take that look from Dsquared, buy pieces of it at Old Navy and Target. Make the look yourself. The beauty of it is, you're looking at Fall 2008 on these runway shows, you've got 6 months to hunt down the right piece at the right price.

Damn you and Michael. Now I have to go do my fashion post.

Scot said...

I'd go with the top jacket. It's a cleaner, more interesting look, and I like the sweaer under it better than the other shot too.
I'm with cb on the plaid; it looks like they made a shirt out of left over holiday napkins

Big Daddy said...

I personally love plaid and that first look is hot.

I'd do a different shoe though.

The Doorman coat I like better.

For me, it depends on the pants.

Like today I have a pair on that are 28", but I have another pair that says 34" and if I were to put them on today, they would fit like the 28.

Don't trust labels.

Anonymous said...

Its sad that I will never be able to share those size 32's with you! my hips are just too big for that. I think 34's will be my limit.

D-Man said...

SAY NO TO POINTY SHOES! (Now Christopher, I KNOW you respect me for my trendy fashion sense...)

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

I love the doorman jacket. I say go for that one.

M- Filer said...

I can sign on to the short sleeve button-down red plaid muscle shirt, with grey sweater. That's a great look.

The peg legged pants do not work for me, my ankles are too skinny for that look, and both of the coats seem a little too A-line. Nope.

Are those white leather gloves?! oh yeah, love that.

WAT said...

F*CK fashion, I look better naked anyway!

joe*to*hell said...

oh, and because i STILL hate you, i am a 32 waist on my way to 31 AND i have that second coat.

lick it