Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Lovely City

This is my current favorite jam (been playing it on repeat at work)...I know it's been out awhile, but I'm just now getting hip to it:

Artist: Fedde La Grand

Song: "Put Your Hands Up For Detroit"

I'm thinking of adopting "La Grand" as an alias... hmm...maybe combining that with Sebastian...Sebastian La Grand...sounds so Euro Chic...or is that Euro Trash?

Enjoy the video:


M- Filer said...

it's euro-queer

Anonymous said...

Were you doing "the robot" dance again last night?

Big Daddy said...

I guess someone sued him over that song.

Here's his latest single, 3 Minutes to Explain.

Scot said...

The Latter. Of course "Sebastian le Grand" sounds like a rapper. A fat, Belgian rapper.