Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Year !

I really should have taken this day off to celebrate the 4-year anniversary of an additional day being added to the month of February, for which I'm not (technically) paid for.

To teach The Man a lesson, I'm not going to work today....maybe I'll just spend my day at work reading blogs or tending to my latest addiction: Online Scrabble....I've given up playing Solitaire recently & have moved onto a more cerebral game (yeah, I can spell)....but what's up with all the wordsmiths out there (whupping my butt) that come up with words like : DROUSER, FIASCHI, or EFFLEURAGE (I just lost to someone who used all 3 of these !)

Screw Scrabble...I'm moving onto there's a brain teaser.

Pop that Coochie...Pop-Pop that Coochie!......Wheeeeeee!!


franck said...

The trick is to use scrabble solver sites. Have a look on Google, there are a few... ;-)

M- Filer said...

He must have been a massage therapist . That's how I learned "effleurage"! Ha.