Friday, February 1, 2008

Troupe Grandly Improvs Freeze-in (or TGIF)

Improv Everywhere strikes again...Over 200 agents from the troupe Improv Everywhere staged a 5 minute "freeze-in" inside the main concourse of NYC's Grand Central Terminal. I wouldv'e loved to have seen this in person, or better yet, to be a part of this performing art piece.

Check out the site for pics & video:

Yes, Bitches, I do have Love for New York....just not this one:


Steve said...

OMG! We watched some of that once... what a freak show.

Anonymous said...

Oh my miss New York....her tits get any bigger and I swear she will end up drowning poor little "Taylor Made" to death. Every episode they got bigger & bigger like she has some sort of air valve to inflate them or something!

"Just David!" said...

that fucking rocks... we need to organize one!!!

D-Man said...

That was freakin' awesome. I wanna do that here in Idaho. Although, someone would probably shoot me :p