Monday, March 10, 2008

Where'd You Go?

What the huh?....what happened to my weekend? It seems like only yesterday it was Friday and I was walking out of my office, looking forward to a weekend filled with all sorts of fun things to do...and now, here I sit back at my desk and it's Monday?

I didn't so shit over the weekend. Sure, there was laundry that got washed and the weekly food shopping got done, but in between those 2 thrill rides not much else.

The real shame of not doing anything is that the weather was just perfect...and I stayed in all weekend.

Boo! I want a do-over.


Anonymous said...

at least you got those nasty skids out of the undies!

Christopher said...

...well, most of them Paul!

WAT said...

I did lots and yet I still feel like it went by way too fast too.

Went to a bar Friday night with the buds, then a small get-together Saturday with other buds, then watched DVDs with my OTHER buds Sunday.

I mean, where did all that precious fun laidback time go? ARGH!

Lewis said...

You want a do-over? Over what? Hehehe.

Big Daddy said...

The time change didn't help either.

I didn't wake up until noon on Sunday!

Mark in DE said...

Yeah, I've had weekends like that before too. I wish there was a "do over" button!

Mark :-)

franck said...

you live somewhere where the weather is always perfect, so it's okay if you miss a weekend. plus the sheets dry so much faster when it's warm and sunny!

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better, I barely left my apartment either, instead I watched my cat go to town on her "cookie" for most the weekend.