Monday, May 19, 2008

Pride; Of A Different Kind

On Sunday morning, I walked from my house to Ocean Blvd to watch the Gay Pride Parade (pics to follow soon). I foolishly left the house on an empty stomach and with unprotected skin.

After 2 hours of standing in the cruel sun, watching a parade identical to last year's, my hungry tummy and burnt skin were begging for shelter & sustenance. So I walked my burnt, sweaty, messy self on over to a very trendy, yet sophisticated Mexican restaurant that some of you (in the know) may have heard of...Sunday afternoon I lunched at Taco be damned!

When I walked inside T Bell [the men all paused], I noticed that there were about 10 other people ahead of me. It was pretty crowded in the little restaurant , so when a guy standing at the back shouted "Shut Up!", we all turned to see a man glaring at the little cashier. There was hatred beaming from this psycho's eyes. I just knew that things were about to get interesting.

When psycho made his way up to the counter, he told the cashier that if he was going to talk shit about him to say it to his face. The cashier said that he wasn't talking about him, he was just mentioning to his co-worker that after he took his order he was going to take a break.....and that the co-worker said something funny to make him laugh.

Psycho didn't buy the story. He just said :"yeah ...sure!" .

A few minutes go by, and the psycho walks into the patio and sits down at a table near me...lovely!

As I'm inhaling my food, the cashier walks into the patio to clean up...bad decision on his part. Psycho gets out of his chair and walks over to the cashier and gets in his face. Again, the accusations of talking shit start. The cashier again denies any shit talking. As the scared cashier scurried back inside, the psycho starts to follow him, but a man in the patio (wearing a t-shirt that read: The USA Don't Play) stood up & shouted "Hey, why don't you stop harassing the guy."

The following conversation takes place:

Psycho: "And why don't you shut the f*ck up asshole"

Non-Psycho: "Why don't you come over here and make me, bitch. Why don't you bring your little punk ass on over here and start that shit with someone over the age of 16. I bet you get a thrill out of picking on teenagers don't you. You probably even hit women. Come on bitch, talk some shit now...yeah that's what I thought. That's right, sit your stupid ass down and shut the f*ck up."

Oooh, Child, the entire patio went dead silent. Psycho did just as he was told and finally shut the f*ck up. Non-Psycho gets up to leave, but has to first untie the biggest German Shepherd I've ever seen from a tree just outside the patio. He makes a point to walk the dog back through the patio and stops a few feet away from the Psycho to say: "I'm going to do you a favor and leave... before I knock your teeth out."

I have never felt more proud to be an American.



Romach said...

I love physcos like that being taken down a peg or two. I never let anyone get away with speaking to other people like that. I hate it. Little Hitlers they are. I love to wipe the floor with people like that!

Christian said...

I hope you took pictures of that, too!

Mark in DE said...

HA! That's a great story!

Mark :-)

Anonymous said...

Gosh I wish exciting shit like this would happen to me so I would have something to write about! Wish I would have been able to stay sunday and see this!

Hamilton said...

ha ha ha that brings a smile on my face

Jules said...

WOW!! It's about time we heard a story about someone standing up for someone else!! Good one!! Was he a cop, do you think?

Greg said...

Damn! I missed all the excitement. :(

WAT said...

RIVETING TALE! Too bad I missed it.

Michael Guy said...

I think I'm hard now.


What a story!