Monday, June 9, 2008

40 Questions

I stole this meme from my buddy Mark, over at Planet Romach

I'm breaking the rules and answering with only one (fragmented) SENTENCE, as opposed to answering with only one WORD....I'm rebellious like that!

1) Where is your cell phone? Sitting on my desk.
2) Your significant other? Makes me feel like I'm Alive, Baby!
3) Your hair? is looking fierce!
4) Your skin? Could use a good moisturizer (read: a good licking from my boy toy)
5) Your father? Is my hero.
6) Your favourite thing? is my Playstation 3.
7) Your dream last night? Was about spending some relaxing time on a deserted island all by me-self.
8')Your favourite drink? is a Strongbow Cider (now available in the states at BevMo).
9) Your dream/goal? to finally become a homeowner.
10) The room you’re in? My personal Hell (work cubicle).
11) Your ex? ...Who?
12) Your fear? A stay behind bars until use and old age accept them, and all chance of valor has gone beyond recall or desire.
13) Where do you want to be in 6 years? In my newly purchased home, with a raised glass of Champagne in hand [won't you join me?].
14) Where were you last night? At home....wondering if I should call in sick today.
15) What you’re not? Not into mind games.
16) Muffins? Are best eaten in the dark, where no one can see your fat ass scarfing 'em down.
17) One of your wish list items? To get my body looking so hot that I turn myself on.
18) Where you grew up? Bellflower, California.
19) The last thing you did? Ate a muffin in the dark.
20) What are you wearing? Work clothes that I loathe.
21) Your TV? is a lovely piece of machinery.
22) Your pets? Do not exist.
23) Your computer? Is ancient & slower than a muthaf*cker.
24) Your life? Is in a state of change.
25) Your mood? had better improve soon, cos I'm sick of feeling down.
26) Missing someone? so much that it makes my heart ache.
27) Your car? Is shiny & new.
28')Something you’re not wearing? is a jockstrap.
29) Favourite store? Mexx, but they're pulling out of the US...dammit!
30) Your summer? is bound to be full of Love & Laughs (and booze).
31) Like someone? A whole bunch.
32) Your favourite colour? is Blue.
33) When is the last time you laughed? About 5 minutes ago.
34) Last time you cried? was Sunday morning, but they were good tears.
35) Who will/would re-post this? Paulie will.
36) Whose answers are you anxious to see? Everyone who plays along.
37) Most disliked vegetable? is any veggie that's been creamed.
38') A lovely Person? Jules is the epitome of Lovely.
39) Country I want to visit? is a toss up between Italy & Spain.
40) Lucky number? My lucky number is 3.

I'm not going to tag anyone, but feel free to play along.....wheeeeeeee!

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Romach said...

Loving the answers buddy. I have learned even more about you now ;-)