Wednesday, July 23, 2008


In an effort to save money/eat more healthy, I've been making my dinner (practically) every night, over the last couple of weeks.

I love to cook, but I hate the post dinner clean up . Not only are there plates, glasses, pots, and pans to clean up, but I seem to be unable to cook without spilling something on the mop hasn't been dry for a long time. With a full belly, it's so tempting to just say 'screw it...I'll clean up in the morning'....but I just can't sleep right without rubbing one out first knowing that there's a dirty dish sitting in the sink...I'm anal like that (don't go there).

I've really been wanting to scrub my house from top to bottom lately. I think I'm going to kick off "Project Clean House" this weekend, by going through closets and purging all of the crap that I don't need or use.

I have some really nice Berber carpeting throughout the house that's basically made up of light beige tones (the landlord chose the carpet....I wish it was hardwood flooring), but if you saw the current state of the filthy carpet, you'd call me a liar and say that the color is closer to grey...Nearly 2 years have gone by since I've cleaned the's so embarrassing. I have quotes from 2 different carpet cleaners, now all I have to do is make the damn call.

I used to watch Friends back in the day...David Schwimmer's goofy character used to make me violently angry, but I could relate to "Monica's" need for favorite episode from the show was when the friends found a key that opened the secret closet door which Monica kept locked...and when they opened it they discovered Monica's dark secret...her closet was a total mess.

My garage is Monica's closet...oh, the shame!



dit said...

Like you, I try and make sure their are not any dishes in the sink when I wake up. I have no idea why, but dirty dishes in the morning has the ability to make me grumpy. No idea why i choose to give it that power. But it happens.

Good luck with your cleaning. I know, for us, it is always a great feeling to rid ourselves of all those things we no longer use. Plus, Out of the Closet is always thankful. 8-)

Shirley Heezgay! said...

getting the carpets cleaned is the easy part.

the cooking can be trickier.

i usually try to clean as I go. the best time is while the food is actually cooking (provided it's nothing that needs too much attention like risotto. mmmmmm, risotto).

next thing you know, there's just a handful of things to wash. or, just enough room in the garbage can for them, if you choose not to.

i'm just sayin'.

Lexx said...

Oh, how I know from that lamment. (and besides, that closet was also hiding the depression she suffered from in plain sight; and that bitch Chandler was married to it too). If purchasing a compact dishwasher is out of the question, ya just gotta deal. We all hate that shit no matter how many reasons we come up with to avoid it and until we make those mega-millions required to whisk us away from it all; keep the Polmolive and the Pledge handy.

Mark in DE said...

You'll likely be amazed at how much better the place looks after the carpets have been professionally cleaned.

If/when you get around to the closet purge, please don't throw away the stuff that still has some use left them. Recycle them by tossing the useful but unwanted stuff in a plastic bag and dropping it off at Goodwill, Salvation Army, or other charity. The stuff can be re-used by someone else, you won't be filling up the landfill, and you can claim a tax deduction.

Mark :-)

Scot said...

I'm wanting to do the same thing- clean the whole damn thing. I'm far from ready for Better Homes and Gardens to show up at my door.

One trick that helps when cooking is clean-as-you-go. Most thing clen with the flick of a wrist using those self-soaping sponge-wands when yopu've just used them. Then when you're done cooking, the kitchen is clean! It takes some discipline, but it's so worth it. Then you make the boyfriend do the dinner dishes.

H. Alan Scott said...

you know, i cook in nyc, but i never cook in LA. i wonder why that is?

Chris said...

It's one thing to get motivated to clean.

It's quite another to stay motivated and resist the urge to stop in the middle and say, "Alright, enough of this shit."

cb said...

I, too, have a "Monica Closet". It's called my apartment, and the key opens the front door.

Jules said...

Admitting you have a problem is the first step... cleaning out the garage is the second!

I don't like to leave dirty dishes laying around either... nor do I mind being called anal anymore... ;O)