Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The sweet little brioche from Canada, Shirley, has (semi-privately) tagged me to complete a meme, so here goes:

Answer these 15 questions as honestly as you can.

1. What did you want to be when you grew up? Just like every other American boy, I wanted to be a doctor, a fireman, or a policeman.

2. What are you now? A corporate drone.

3. What fictional character did you identify with as a child? Peter Brady (from the Brady Bunch)...we were both the "second born" child and we had similar taste in clothes.

4. How about now? Adrian Pasdar as Nathan Petrelli from Heroes...I just want to have his super powers and look as good as he does in a suit....and out of a suit....ay papi!

5. What is your 'Gay Pride' Song? Milkshake

6. What is your drag song (we ALL have one)? Nasty Girl by Vanity 6

7. Earliest memory? Picking blackberries from my grandmother's garden....eating nearly a bucket full and then getting a bad tummy ache...I should've listened to grandma.

8. Memory you'd like to forget? Getting tricked (by my sister) into listening to "the weird sounds coming from inside my closet"...the noise was actually the sound of my folks, on the other side of the closet (in their bedroom), 'gettin bizzay'.....[eww....shiver]

9. If you ran for a seat in political office, what would be your platform(s)? Getting the hell out of Iraq.

10. Winehouse - Want her to succeed or are you over her? Despite the amount of times I make fun of her...and I know I really shouldn't, I want her to kick the bad habits, drop the loser friends, eat something, and succeed.

11. The first person you thought you loved? I fell in love with a redhead in Kindergarten...her name was Denise.

12. The first person you actually loved? Another redhead (but she was blonde when I first laid eyes on her) that I met about 10 years later...I was still struggling with identity issues at that tender age.

13. The person you love now? My damn self....and Paulie.

14. If you could be, do, have/own/possess anything you wanted, what would it be? Could be = Independently wealthy...Could Do = slap a dozen people that have been working my last nerve...Could Have = a house in the Hamptons.

15. Even if you are in love with someone right now, who are you/could be crushing on right now? Hmmm...I crush on guys all the time (and that's as far as it goes)...but guys with British/Irish accents make me swoon...I just want to listen to them talk.



Mark in DE said...

Mmmm, Adrian Pasdar.

Mark :-)

joe*to*hell said...

WAIT....last week you wanted to get married. this week, i aint even a crush? piss off!

ps - i always thought of shirley as a pain au chocolat

Christopher said...

Joey: I'm trying to keep our secret transcontinental love affair on the know how the haters be...especially since I think a certain "Gurley" may read my post and then want to fight me over you.

Don't doubt my love Bitch!

Kris said...

I hear ya on the British accent!! I can listen to them talk all day. Italian accent too, I knew this one Italian guy and mannn, he can talk me off for all he want lol

"Just David!" said...

Adrian Pasdar with a British accent, that would be nice!! Oh, and naked!

Wonder Man said...

fun list