Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Know Your Face....(Not)

Normally, if I eat breakfast, I'll pass on lunch....not just because I'm cheap, but mainly because I'm still full by the time lunch hour comes 'round. I really don't eat that much during the day...

[Internal voice screams]: then why are you such a fatty?

[I scream back (internally)]: I'm not fat, I'm unfit...and my pant's waist band cuts into me, because I'm a late night snacker/plate licker who has become strangers with the gym.

Anyhoo...this morning's breakfast was a little whimpy (2 scrambled eggs & 2 slices of bacon), so by noon, I was feeling a little peckish. So much so, that I ventured out to the local mall, to get me some chicken kebabs at the Greek place.

Whilst waiting for my order of kebabs, a woman came up to me and said: "Chris...?....Chris [last name] is that you?

I couldn't tell you who this woman was, if my life depended on it. I hate it when someone from my past recognizes me and I don't recognize them back.

So, to stall for time & search my mind for who this woman could possibly be, I responded with: "maybe...does Chris owe you money?"

We both fake laughed at this point and I gave up on guessing who she was. I came clean and told her that I was sorry, but I have such a poor memory that I really had no clue who she was. She told me her name was Vicky and that we used to work together at a bank in the early 90's....I still had no clue...even when she started to drop names. To be fair (to me that is), we worked for a bank, but it was in a department that was sort of back office, with about 80 other people in the same room.

I still don't know who she is, but I got tired of her trying to jog my memory by saying things like: " you remember the one time when...",.. or: "we used to go to lunch with so-and-so....", etc, etc, I lied (my order was up & I wanted her out of my face & the chicken all up in it) and said "oh yes...of are you Vicky?" I have no idea who any of the people were that she mentioned or any of the memories that she brought up either....sorry Vic.

We chatted for a few minutes more & quickly caught up...she seems like a really nice lady, and I really do wish I remembered who she was.

Oh, Vicky is a Born Again Christian and was sweet enough to invite me to her church... hmmm... maybe I should go...with my boyfriend.



Mr. Shain said...

maybe? how about definitely. and take pictures.

Anonymous said...

I think we would be a great hit on Salvation Sunday!
I am sure they would ask her to never recruit...I mean invite people to their church ever again ;)

Leonardo D'Cato said...

Love, love that picture of Homer Simpson. I hate it when people come up to you and they know you, but you don't know them - or at least can't remember who they are. I just fake laugh my way out of it and just nod my head. I go into geisha mode and not talk until asked a question.

Romach said...

Oh yes its always good to turn up to church with your boyfriend lol Your much more polite than me. I would have just said no! I am don't know who you are! Now piss off! lol

Chris said...

And the two of you should wear matching hats.

Big Daddy said...

I know the feeling.

Having been a bartender, there are tons of people who know me, but I don't remember them.

I killed a lot of brain cells in the 90's.

cb said...

Those Christians go through a brainwashing seminar on how to remember people's names-- just so they can suck you into their cult!

Jules said...

been here... unfortunately!! sometimes it's quite hard having a shit memory!

jason said...

Oh, not a day goes by where I'm not ambushed by a former student and made to "remember."

And I'd just love to be able to write "waiting on a kebab." Why's it so hard to find a kebab around here?