Monday, September 15, 2008

Jill Greenberg - Photographer of The Year

Jill Greenberg was hired by The Atlantic to shoot the current cover (above) featuring John McCain. Greenberg did just what she was paid for, but THEN she had some creative fun (below) with some of the outtakes to add to her personal website.

Pics courtesy of Gawker...Read the story behind the pics here.

If you want to see a pic of a monkey taking a dump on McCain's head, then click here.



Greg said...

She's fantastic!!!!

cb said...

I actually think the top picture is the scariest of the bunch!

Leonardo D'Cato said...

Jill Greenberg is an awesome photographer who has done some of the most recognizable and iconic photographs of our time.

In addition, it's totally their fault for hiring an ultra left-wing liberal to take photographs of a right-wing conservative. They had it coming.

I kinda feel sad that McCain was tricked into taking those extra photos, but he should have done his homework. What does that tell about him?

Anonymous said...

Creepy. Though, secretly, I just had to see the monkey pooping on his head. It reminded me of that one time when we were at Disney and you couldn't get enough of the Wizard of Oz exhibit and kept hoping one of the flying monkeys would jizz on your head. Monkeys do throw their poop you know.

Jules said...

Why on EARTH did I click on the monkey one?

**slaps forehead**

Romach said...

I agree with cb. I had to back away from the top photo! 72? Hes more like 102!

Anonymous said...

Don't blame McCain. Greenberg is trash and so is her work.

Mark in DE said...

Very creative! I love her.

Mark :-)

Chris said...

How old is Greenberg? She seems to have the ideas of a 12 year old. Her humor is way to obvious - she must be straight.

sexy said...