Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Overheard Convos

I walked into the tail end of 2 separate conversations at the workplace today.

The first one took place as I was paying for breakfast in the cafeteria:

Female employee: "If you give me 6 inches, I'll be one happy lady."

Male employee: "I'll give you at least that much."

This was all said without any trace of sarcasm/irony/humor.... they didn't even notice me standing behind them grinning like a fool.

The second conversation took place near my cubicle and involved 2 female employees, both of which are fairly new mothers (names changed to protect my employment status).

Bad Mommy #1: "Ethan dropped his binky (pacifier) in the toilet bowel this morning, so I rinsed it off with hot water & gave it back to should've seen how Brad (the husband) flipped out."

Bad Mommy #2: "I read somewhere that the water in the toilet bowel is some of the cleanest water around."

Bad Mommy #1: "I know, but Brad's kind of a clean freak."

Oh, that poor child!



Leonardo D'Cato said...

hilarious! i heard the toilet bowl water thing before too. i don't trust them either. as for the other one...6 inches eh? LOL!

Romach said...

Cringe city! lol You always experience these little musings at work and I love hearing them too :-)

cb said...

You should have leaned in and said something like, "Happy with 6?? Girl, I"m only STARTING to get happy at 7.5!"

dit said...

I love catching conversations like that. They most always leave us with a smile. As you have with this post.

Mark in DE said...

You've got mom's like that who need no permission whatsoever to be a parent, yet a gay couple with impeccable standands can not adopt a child in most states. Something is wrong with this picture!

Mark :-)