Monday, October 20, 2008

Uninvited. Unwanted. Unwelcome.

I haven't been able to get my required 8 hours of sleep for the past 3 nights...and that makes me a grumpy boy in the morning.

Falling asleep starts off pretty normally: my mind begins to unwind, the wine starts to kick in and relaxes the body, and I sloooowly drift away to la-la-night-night land....and then I hear it.

That unmistakable sound coming only inches from my face...I punch the air hoping to silence the demonic creature. That seems to work, but a few minutes later I hear it again. I cower under the the sheets and blankets....I even cover my face, hoping that it'll just give up & go away.

It's the end of October and I still have a f*ckin mosquito trying to suck the life force out of me....what the hell? I thought that these bitches only lived during the summer months. A beefy, handsome, sexy-as-hell man told me that these a-holes only have a life span of 7 days, so I guess I only have 4 more nights to sleep under the covers.

Each morning, I always look for signs of damage, but so far I haven't been bitten. Nice try do me a favor & drop dead...literally!


A Lewis said...

I don't like grumpy boys. Even though I am one from time to time.

franck said...

I thought beefy, handsome, sexy-as-hell men were invented to kill mosquitoes, not disperse useless information about them

cb said...

Dude, be a MAN and put up some mosquito netting already!

jason said...

If you have a "beefy, handsome, sexy-as-hell man" telling you anything, you're two or three steps ahead of me.

But mosquitoes never really die, they just reincarnate as crying babies on planes.


teahouse said...

Ugh, mosquitoes!!

I found you via Tcho. Great site!

J. David Zacko-Smith said...


I think you need to read "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" . . . *WINK*

"Just David!" said...

Get one of those little mosquito sticky things at the store, they sell them here, but this is mosquito central, being so close to the swamps and all. Be careful of the West Nile Virus!! I'd stay at a hotel for the next 4 nights, ha!

Greg said...

A mosquito is much better than the woman moaning during sex in the apartment below ours. Doesn't matter the time of day: we hear him grunting, the bed rattling against the wall, her moaning/screaming loud enough for the dogs two blocks away to howl along.

Mark in DE said...

OMG, I've had the same experience in the past and it is SO annoying. I feel your pain!

Mark :-)

Crazy Eddie said...

OMG. I had a similar situation here in lil old Brooklyn. Haven't seen or "heard" from a mosquito since June, but yet I had one buzzing around my head around 3 in the morning this past Thursday.

It enraged me. I sympathize.