Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Don't Think You Know What I Feel

This past Sunday, the diva of all divas, Annie Lennox was given the Award of Merit during the 2008 American Music Awards.

I missed the show, but caught her performance on the Internets. She sang my all time favorite song, Why?

It was a good performance, but nothing compares to the way she sang the hell out of that song at Arista's 25th Anniversary Celebration a few years's the video of her singing that song (the way I like it):


Travis said...

I hadn't seen this performance. Sheer brilliance.

romach said...

I simply love Annie Lennox! Happy thanksgiving buddy :-)

David Dust said...

I cannot watch that particular clip without being moved to tears. 'Diva' doesn't even begin to describe Annie Lennox.

Happy Thanksgiving!


madhouse 6 said...


with that said, i love annie more when she's with dave - there's just something so perfect about the eurythmics.

but i love this song. thanks for posting it.

Wonder Man said...

It's so real, we don't get stuff like that anymore