Tuesday, November 25, 2008

'Tis The Season


I can't believe that Christmas is only a month away. It seems like only yesterday I was pulling out the Halloween decorations. They just started to decorate around the workplace and I have to say, that the designer has got to be a flaming queen some real style. Each tree is just bursting with decorations, so much so, that you can hardly see the tree's branches.

I'm excited about Christmas. It really is my favorite time of the year. Some coworkers were grumbling about how they're not looking forward to it and how expensive it all is. I find that mind set sad. That's not what Christmas is to me. It's all about the food for me. Well, that of course, as well as the many sights & sounds of the holidays, getting together with family & friends, and did I mention all of the food? My family have all decided that this year, we're not getting anyone gifts except for the children...and that's just fine with me. I may break that rule a little bit and make gift baskets for everyone.

I'll probably pull out some of the Xmas decorations on Sunday, and start to spread some Holiday cheer at mi casa. Season's Greetings, Betches!


joe*to*hell said...

true true about the food

and i BETTER get a basket. from your basket.

romach said...

I love Christmas too buddy. We are putting our tree and decorations up this weekend and I too will have the Christmas tree covered in decorations! :-)

Chris said...

When I was a kid, it was all about the decorating. The place looked like Macy*s Trailer Park.

Now, it's all about the food because I'm too lazy to decorate.

Jules said...

Ahhh, Season's Greetings to you too, Honey! I put my decorations up, my snowman collection out and my tree up already... lights went up at the end of October! Definitely typically my favorite time of year, holiday wise, too! Cheers!!

Michael Guy said...

It's all about the cookies and homemade fudge, etc... Which, historically, has made post-Christmas winter getaways challenging regarding the idea of my fat ass in a swimsuit.

Snap some pics of your decor!

Mark in DE said...

I'm like you and feel sad about people who dread Christmas. Make the holiday what you want it to be!

Like your family, ours has decided not to exchange gifts (which is fine with us), but we'll get the kids something.

Enjoy the sites, sounds, smells, and tastes of the holiday!

Mark :-)