Friday, December 12, 2008

A Day Without Shampoo

I'm pleased as punch (who came up with that lame expression, and why am I still using it here if I think it's lame....I digress) that I did my part this past Wednesday for the national Day Without A Gay protest. No, I didn't call in Gay to work, but I made the difficult decision not to blog...and ironically, I did the same thing the following day.

This morning I attended a really informative 2-hour meeting from a client that my company is trying to seduce into doing some business with us. There were about 50 employees attending this meeting, and I noticed a trend with some of the attendees. There were about 10 people that had oily, greasy, dirty, and/or flaky hair. I know it's casual Friday today, but damn, not so casual that you neglect your hygiene.

When it came time for the Q&A portion of the meeting, some of these pigs thought it would be cute to stand up to ask a question, you know, so that everyone else could notice just how dirty their hair actually was. I was floored. You'd think that the last thing they'd want to do is to draw any more attention to themselves with a head full of oil. Apparently not. One lady, who stands out in my mind, looked like she started to curl her dirty hair, but the curling iron must've burst into flames and she just said "aww, screw it, that ONE large unbrushed curl looks kinda cute" it doesn't.

Ten out of 50 people is 20 percent. How embarrassing. I can already imagine what the client's conversation will be about, on the drive to the airport: "What was up with all of the people in the audience that didn't shower today?".

On a brighter note, my hair was looking (and still is) all kinds of F-I-E-R-C-E...and clean too!



romach said...

I hate being stuck behind someone on the train or coach and you can practically see their hair crawling! Makes my skin crawl even more.

Michael Guy said...

Massive hair failure! Maybe it was a cult?

Oh. And I hate/loathe the product sheen left on public transportation windows. I practically gag.

Mark in DE said...

Don't people know how terrible they look when they don't shampoo their hair often enough? Have they no mirrors????