Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving holiday...I did!

I drove up to my parent's house Thursday morning, and it took me 3 hours to drive the 85 miles to their house....the traffic was unreal! Of course, I managed to eat way too much, despite my plan to "eat like an European"...the American in me took over at the dinner table. After dinner, we went to the local casino to fight off the effects of sleepy turkey-ness....a few hours later, I walked out with $50 more in my pockets...wheeeeeeee !!!

Birthday boy caught off guard...Chris, it's a cute pic so I'm not removing it b*tch!

I was able to spend a couple of days this weekend with my man Paul, his boys (one of which is almost as tall as me...grrr!), and some friends. Saturday night our group of six amigos drove down to Studio City to celebrate Chris' birthday and to get our drink/dance on. I suggested we check out Club Fuel before heading on over to Oil Can Harry's, since neither of us had ever been there before, and it was within walking distance...what a mistake that was.

Drunk Betches!

The promoters at Club Fuel just seemed waaaay too desperate to satisfy their customers...I lost count of how many times we were asked if we were "having a good time". I'm guessing it was a new promoter working the club that night, because I must've heard from 3 different managers/employees on our way in that there were "FIVE go-go boys tonight"...and "boys" was right. I think I was either as tall, if not taller than each of the go-go boys that were there...and I'm a towering 5'8".

As our group was settling in on the sofas, trying to warm up & get comfortable, the managers started to send us different go-go boys that would each suggest (in VERY broken English) that we should all go dance. I ab-so-fuc-king hate it when someone comes up to me at a club and asks why I'm not dancing...and then tells me to go dance. My ass will hit the floor when I'm good & tipsy, f*ck you very much! After a drink or 2, we decided to cut our losses & we left for Oil Can Harry's just down the street., where we disco danced the night away.

Paul & his lucky BF

After a fun 4-day weekend, it was seriously hard to get motivated for the new work week !


Greg said...

I remember when Fuel used to be Apache. Man, I'm old!!!

Anonymous said...

one of the boys is already 4'10"? wow, they grow fast ;)

cb said...

Awww, love the last pic! Glad you had a funfilled holiday weekend!

Christopher said...

I had so much fun on Saturday! Only next time, let's find some go-go boys who are at least trying to learn english! Love ya!

Wonder Man said...

looks like fun

Mark in DE said...

Sounds like a fun, 4-day weekend! Love that last pic.

Mark :-)