Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Wrap Up

I had a really nice Christmas holiday, spent with my family & friends. The gifts were pretty minimal this year, and I have to admit that I was a little saddened that my tree wasn't drowning in a sea of wrapped presents (as it usually is). It took the wisdom of a child to remind that the Xmas isn't about gifts, but it's about family & food...and that's the point where I said "you're right" and then inhaled a Christmas cookie. Oh, how I ate, and ate, and ate all week long.

My family celebrates Crimbo on the 24th, so I was able to drive up north to spend the 25th with Paul (yay!). Per another family tradition, we had Chinese food for dinner on Christmas night....then I got to unwrap Paul's package...Mmm, the gift that keeps on giving.....wheee!

The rest of the weekend was spent shopping for after-Christmas sales, returning gifts, redeeming gift cards, unwrapping Paul's package many times more, and plenty more eating! [burp!]....I managed to buy more Xmas decorations and now my house is even more Christmas-y than before the 25th.

I hope everyone had a holly jolly merry jingley Christmas!

P.S....I am a little disappointed in the Workplace Gift Fairy. All I wanted from that b*tch was the new keyboard I requested 3 weeks ago, but she didn't come through. The letter "F" doesn't work properly (you need to bang on it a few times) so lately, writing emails is a bit of a chore...and y'all know how import that letter is! So to that, I say: " _uck You Gift _airy ! "


A Lewis said...

Ate and ate and ate???? Time for the gym, gym, gym. Ugh. I went today.

Anonymous said...

Head shot holding shiney object. Please!

madhouse 6 said...

hehehehe you said package

Marc said...

Our Christmas was much the same buddy.I will be dieting for months now lol. All the best for the New Year and warmest wishes to you. :-)

cb said...

All I want is a new Fucking chair. My work chair is so old the padding is gone and oozes out of the cloth as yellow dust.